Why it is about money....  

rm_pp1985pp 31F
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4/29/2005 1:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why it is about money....

I am upset today.
1. I sold one of my independ magazine which is good
but she just wants to copy my CD which goes with my magazine, instand of buying it. I spent all my money to my magazines, and i have no money to buy food. Does she ever think about it?
2. I got a kind of job: being a model for an artist,and help him to do some art work in his studio. My friend said if I do it for money that sucks......but the money is not what I really care about!
3. My perfoilo is almost done, but I have no money to buy a nice perfoilo bag!!
4. I got lots of annoying messages from AdultFriendFinder...about sex...why some guys want to have sex with a chinese girl so badly...sick..
(sorry for spelling mistakes)

rm_polyTaiwan 40M

5/2/2005 8:33 pm

Lots of Asian girls seem to just want to have sex with Westerner men as well. (It must be really depressing to be an Asian man looking for partners in Asia on these sites). I don't understand that either.

I'm sorry about your friend. I'm sure he wouldn't have said that if he'd known the deeper meaning it had for you on that hard day.

things will be better tomorrow. they always are.

sensualart42 44F

6/17/2005 3:34 am

hmm..interesting blog as I have modeled for artists and on web cam thru a servic enow as well..Also m an artist. As for why men like Asian women,many r submissive and that is exciting for them I think. As for others not considering your money situation,typical as many just think of themselves,sorry! but true. As for many just wanting sex here,hello! this is a sex site!,lol..

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