which one to pick....  

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4/22/2005 9:12 am

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which one to pick....

A few years ago i met two women...one well call nurse and the other rail. Both, nurse and rail claim to love me and no other. The words they say in connection with there love for me are identical in all but the smallest of ways. Of course the next question is do i love them...the answer...yes...both of them.

These are two wonderful women, kind, loving, smart, and at least some part italian of which i'm 100%. I had hoped being some part itlaian would lend itself to understanding family values, traditions, interactions among members etc, that's not been the case. Rail has one daughter and nurse has 3 sons. I have 2 daughters and a son...it's remarkable how having one (son or daughter) and not the other leaves the parent lack in judgement concerning the one(s) they have not raised.

Nurse and rail have both had some very bad early sexual experiences. Both seem to want some one to take care of them. the list of simalarities and differences go on and on. Although i do love both of them i still have a visioin of the right women for me and neither of them are in that vision. Off and on both nurse and rail have been in my life for over 5 years.

Am i in a rut...oh yea...big time. Do i find it hard to leave both of them in search of another...yes. Do i want to hurt there feelings ...no. Recently i've started looking for ms.right-for-me using one night a week as my time for seeking a new partner. Both nurse and rail say there the one and only one for me and no other will even come close. i feel like i'm on the right path..comments?

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