Feeling a little better......  

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3/29/2005 6:23 am

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Feeling a little better......

After a nights sleep I was pleased to awake to two comments (ty again ladies) and low and behold the person in question from my first post starts talking to me on IM.

Alas it seemed pretty low on the 'quality' level as chat goes. I have no idea what to say or not say to her, and yes I overanalyze these kinda things.

I ask questions and get the barest of an answer, so I am reading into that that she doesn't want to reveal too much about herself. She has told me she wants to take things slow, but surely there is a level that would be too slow. If all we do is say 'hi, nice day huh' back and forth for a month will she decide to expand our relationship? Who knows, not me for sure!!

And to those of you reading this and thinking I am thinking about this waaay to much, nya nya, maybe I am but would you rather me have a flippant attitude about the whole thing and not give a care? That's exactly the kind of person I am not. To me to do that would mean I was a guy on the make looking to talk to as many women as possible and not even remember one from the next.

Its a fine line and in many ways I feel I am damned if I do and damned if I don't, but for now I am feeling a wee bit better so thanks again to the two nice people who posted comments letting me know my rant didn't go unread and wasn't so tedious as to not even warrant a comment

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