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12/4/2005 10:08 pm

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Blog Block

Yes I am still about, just suffering from a bit of blog block, or perhaps it is just that I am too lazy to dig into the deep inner workings of my brain to come up with something 'deep' as I had promised.

I do seem to jump from one thing to another - and am easily distracted.

Things I have 'discovered' this weekend.....

The Colts look really good, but if you want to see a pro game you might just go buy from the scalpers outside the gate unless it is a playoff game. Apparently the scalpers were having a hard time getting face value even for the Monday night game last week. Either way I had a good time and have no (major) regrets.

My Tivo can now play Podcasts and streaming audio feeds from live365 - listening to Jack Benny at the moment (I love old time radio). This is in addition to being able to use a Y account to do some other things (all of these things require you to be running software on a computer in the house).

Which is how I discovered that my AdultFriendFinder name is taken on the big Y by someone over in europe - ah well - not like I have a million people looking ot chat with me - I did discover my nickname was available on the program that starts with an M so I snagged that name (we must be obscure ya know).

And lastly I have discovered I have a headache - so its 2 ibuprophen for me and off to bed. Of course this won't appear until some time later today - but as of this writing it is 1am Eastern - nite all.

(added this morning - I need to append every blog post with a disclaimer noting I don't often use the spell check and it shows!!)

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