Bad Tattoo ...  

TakesTeatsStood 50M
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5/15/2005 9:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bad Tattoo ...

I have never had a tattoo, and I don't plan on ever getting one.

Walking at a store today I saw a woman with the name "Toby" tattooed on her neck.

It reminded me of a friend (well - a kinda friend) of mine who had her boyfriend tatoo her name on his arm as proof of his love for her. Not only that, he also put her birthdate on the tattoo as well.

As you can guess they are no longer together.

Do you know of anyone with a bad tattoo, or a tattoo they regret?

PailsDiverHonks 55F

5/16/2005 5:55 am

No, but I have a feeling my daughters boyfriend is going to regret the one he just recently had somewhere down the road.

1playfulgal 39F
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5/16/2005 7:51 am

A friend of mine gota tatoo of the tasmanian devil holding a beer mug...that was back in his drinking days and now that he doesn't drink anymore he hates and is in the process of getting it covered up...

rm_bluegenes51 56M
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5/16/2005 9:13 am

Yes...2 people. One had it altered in a fairly clever way to make it "generic" .. the other had it removed with a laser ( I am told that that is not at all pleasant)

PailsDiverHonks 55F

5/16/2005 10:40 am

Just taking advantage of multi comments...
Nice little threesome you got going there post I just hope Keith is as good as you.

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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5/16/2005 12:42 pm

We don't meet too many people that don't regret their tatoos.

expatbrit49 62M

5/16/2005 1:47 pm

Happy Happy Happy laser salesman

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

hourglasses 47F

5/17/2005 5:14 am

Both my sister and dad have tattoos. They don't exactly regret them. They just have to cover them up at times.

My dad has a naked woman on each arm. But its the upper arm so a shirt mostly covers it. The worst one is he has a devil. So he used to have to figure out ways to hid it when we went to church.

My sister has a skull in a top hat with a rose in its teeth on her breast. Its too soon to tell if her sone will be warped by being breastfed by this woman. Although he did know the words to an Ozzie Osbourne song when he was only 2 1/2 so it may be too late.

misticwriter88 35M

5/18/2005 9:39 am

I was on another site yesterday and saw where a woman had diguised her scar from an operation with a tat.

Sinderlicious 51F
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5/20/2005 8:26 am

I have a friend who had a wedding ring tattooed on the proper finger (pretty creative way to make sure it doesn't come off 'accidentally' LO and while it CAN be covered with another ring...she says it's like being branded.

Have another who had a 2 inch scorpion under her belly button..was sexy til she got pregnant and it looked more like a lobster.

I have 2 and I love em both but they're both symbolic of something and I waited a year before I had either one done to make sure I didn't change my mind...

Sexyfitwoman ROTFLMAO that was a GREAT answer!

Sin like you mean it!

rm_bluegenes51 56M
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5/22/2005 7:11 am

A friend of mine got the name of his girlfriend, Helen tatooed on his penis. It had to be fully erect for the tattoo to be done. The problem was, when he was not erect, rather than spelling "Helen" it said merely "Hn" He was OK with this until he visited a nude beach in Jamaica. He noticed a native Jamaican man with the same "Hn" tattoo on his penis. He finally asked the Jamaican guy if his tattoo said,"Helen", also. The Jamaican replied that no, it was not "Helen", but rather, "Hey, welcome to Jamaica, Mon"

nightstogether 56M

6/5/2005 4:26 am

I have 2 tattoos, neither one of which I regret. I chose the first one - on my lower arm - during a particular phase of my life when it was appropriate, and keep it as a memento of those heady days. The second, on my back and pictured on my profile, I designed myself after many hours of consideration.

Yes, I know many people who regret their tattoo. Mostly people who have had a name made, or who allowed themselves to be worked on while drunk and had no idea what it would look like or whether they'd still appreciate it the next day.

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