All good things must come to an end...  

TakesTeatsStood 50M
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12/18/2005 8:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

All good things must come to an end...

Ah well, the Colts lost today and if it had to happen to anyone I was glad it happened to San Diego since their QB has ties to Indiana (he played his college ball here).

And with that I will once again try to get this blog back to the introspective, thought provoking place that you all love. Ok, maybe not....

I will be trying one of those Chocolates tomorrow - tune in for the much anticipated 'after' picture

rm_sj365 55F
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12/18/2005 9:25 pm

see? THATS why i hate sports

sj * grumbles cuz now she has to wait till tomorrow*

freetime648 52F

12/18/2005 10:22 pm

.....Still best record in the they have to get past the Seahawks next some of that chocolate for then!!!!!! I have a good feeling!

xx FREETIME648 xx

tillerbabe 55F

12/18/2005 11:00 pm

Wanna bet on the Hawks game? (I lOoove chocolate!)

Kimmers777 106F

12/19/2005 12:58 am

*sigh* You're all about the tease, aren't you Nick?

If I waited for San Fran to win a game before eating, I'd have turned to dust years ago.

rm_AmishAmy 100F
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12/19/2005 5:07 pm

i was so heartbroken from the loss for the colts that i hurried to the stadium to try to console peyton....he was too distraught for comfort and said something about stopping the letters and the phonecalls and violation of the restraining order....etc etc etc....
poor poor colts!

keithcancook 60M
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12/19/2005 8:19 pm

Too bad about your Colts. I know that the 72 Dolphins are pretty pleased, however.

TakesTeatsStood 50M
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12/19/2005 8:23 pm

i_heart_cock2 - sorry Dallas had a rough one too - I saw part of that Sunday night - ouch!!!

sj365 - My apologies, trust me, I wish it had gone differently!!

freetime648 & tillerbabe - The Seahawks game will be an interesting one, I am sure Payton will start, the question is, how long will he play for?

Kimmers777 - You had your glory days with the 49'ers - I haven't had that experience except when I jumped on the '85 Bears bandwagon.

AmishAmy - interesting - ya know he told me a very similar story. Ya think he gets a volume discount on restraining orders?

jadedbabe78 105F

12/22/2005 11:14 pm

'taps the monitor'

I *know* you took a pic of the chocolate, don't make me lick errrr kick, that doesn't sound right. Don't make me giggle the picture out of ya .

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