searching for a ghost  

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11/9/2005 10:18 am

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searching for a ghost

(pleas start from monday)
morning .It's Saturday,,,,,
thank god i have two days off.
Lilian&I were going -out every day this week ,
we were going to dinner &dancing.making love so passion,so hot.loving each other.really enjoying each other company...i miss her the min i leave her.she so wonderfully and beautifully women.
so today i want to go pick her up in the morning and spend all day with her.
i got already my basket full.with bottle of wine ,salad ,shrimp,and yellow rice.
i also packed fruit,grapes,banana (i can see us eating this banana from both side )
i also got chocolate cake and vanilla ice-cream(i-scream &she will scream)
i washed my car in&out put air- freshener(she didn't see my car yet,we use to drive with the company car)
i think I'm ready ,it will be nice surprise.
oh forgot to tell you ,she don't know I'm coming now. we suppose to meet tonight at 9;00pm.
my plan is to take her to picnic by the lake have nice romantic lunch then maybe skin-dipping in the lake.she will have the chocolate for dessert and i will have her.

i drove about 30 min to her house ,it was beautifully drive ,blue sky ,hot sun warming the cold morning,the green valley just wake up,flowers Lillis,roses. all were greeting me with "good morning."
even the flower in my hand come closer to my chest giving me warm hug

i walk to the front door ,ring the ball on the wall.
few min passed by the door slowly slowly got open for few inches ,two big black eyes appear then the old face of old women
"good morning ma'am" i greed her
"good morning son" she reply
" my name is chuck,"
i came to see Lilian"
"who?" she asked
"Lilian ? she live here "
her face frizzed and i sawer i start to see tears in those eyes,for a quick second
"there is no Lilian here ,I'm sorry" she said
"i just dropped her here yesterday" i find my self screaming,i could see the fear in her eyes
"I'm sorry ma'am .didn't mean to scream" i apologies
"that OK" she said
"you sure you dropped her here?"
"yeah" i said
"yesterday?" she asked
"yeah,I'm sure" for a min i wasn't sure,but i did recognize the white bars all over the windows.the heavy iron black gate.
this is her house.
"how she look like?"she asked
and i try to describe how she look like her long hair deep green eyes,,,
"son" she said
"i got few pictures inside,i want you to come and tell me if it's her"?
she open the door and let me in to the living room
sit down here .
"do you like coffee,tea.anything?"
"no I'm OK"
"I'll be right back" she said and went in to her room,,,,
she come back carrying Album in her hand.
she set next to me open the album .flipped few pages .open the album
"look at her" she said
two pages of pictures of beautifully young lady with classic cloths ,with t-shirt and jeans,bikini,
"that's my Lilian" i said smiling
i looked at her her eyes were empty .her face drop-down got so sad.and almost whispered
"that's my Lilian" she whisper
"oh so she does live here"i almost scream from happiness
her old hands hold my hands tight. her eyes look at me with sorrow and love.
"son listen,pleas listen" she says seriously
"that's my daughter Lilian"
"she died 20 years ago"
"no no no,no way no way"
"we were together yesterday,maybe it's not her maybe it's not her "i keep saying
"i know it's hard to believe ,it's hard for me too"she says and start crying...

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