In love with a Ghost  

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11/7/2005 1:45 pm

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In love with a Ghost

(pleas start from monday)

morning again ,Tuesday morning.
and what you know i love this morning.
i have a date,,,,
it's feel so good to know that some one want to meet you. dig inside you. To know you more&more.
maybe love what she find out .maybe not .but ,the fact that i have a date ,make me feel so good.
million thing was runing in my mind,million Q I was about to ask,what to do?
take her to chiness restaurant,does she like chiness or maybe Italian?
finely i decide that picnic in the cemetery will be nice .
so i start to cook the pashdita(it's potatao with vegetable)and cut the salad ,got nice bottle of wine.put every thing in basket!

I was in the office at almost 5;00pm
"hi chuck"the dispatcher boobs greed
"hi" i reply
some how the boobs look so big today!!!
went to parking lot,picked up a car and start pattrolling.
wanted so bad that's 2;00am will come so fast and stop!
Do i need to tell you,when you watting for something so bad it seems that god playing trick or tread on you,the times suddenly going so slow..

it was 1;45 am .
here i'm standing next to cemetery entrance.
i did 20 time cross my body probably by now. looked around
so quiet,no one around.i want to the car and put my amber lights on.i flet much better .

From inside the cemetery she came floating to me.putting big smile ON This beautifull face.
i was runing with my arms open to her,carried her up and around seal the "hi" with big passion kiss,

her eyes just lighted the sky,her body was fighting to get out from this white cotton dress.i could see her nipples stood up and was rady to play.
''what's that?" she asked pointing to my basket
"oh I thought picnic will be nice"
" that is so romantic" she said &gave me the unlimited hug
I picked up the most beautifull grave.
angels faces was all over and around this grave
flowers lilly,red roses, was all around .
we set on the green grass just next to this beautifull grave.
i was licking her fingers .
she was licking mine.
i was eating out of her mouth,she was out of mine.
we kiss and hug .she kiss my nack.licking my ears
i was all over thos nipples swallowing them.going down &down to her flower
kissing,licking it.loving it in &out
she did the same to me
!!we make love with so much passion so wild that's who ever was laying under this grave ,cum too!!
i was in haven with an angel !!

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