Date with a ghost  

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11/8/2005 3:35 pm

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Date with a ghost

(pleas start from monday)
morning .it's already Wednesday.
i didn't sleep at all could not close my eyes .i have been thinking about her all the time.
didn't have a min of break from her
"is it good or bad?"
few more hour i need to go to work ,what I'm going to do?
"i don't know even her name"
i can smell her everywhere i go ,,
I'm thinking to take her to some nice restaurant,Chinese or something.
we going to meet by the cemetery entrance
(she said it's discreet place she like it.)
at 9pm to night.

i show up at work at 5;55 i fall a sleep for few hour ,i feel fresh now.
i picked up the co car and start patrolling.
i was looking for any flower shop.i need to get her red roses.
women love red roses why red roses? who know?

8;45 here I'm again standing in front of the cemetery entrance with flower red roses in my hand.
8:55 i can see her coming from inside the cemetery ,she had the black tight dress on.her body look so perfect ,her eyes smiled to me ,the lips open a Little coming to my lips
she gave me strong passion kiss.sucked all the air out of me.
"hi i missed you"she said
"i did not" i said
"Cos you never left out of me .you were with me all day""
big smile got out of her sexy lips,and a kiss .

this place is really nice ,red candle around the table,Flowers all around the restaurant,you can smell the food coming out of the kitchen.
on the walls few
water falls pic you can see the water falling down,,
and next to me the most beautifully women in earth.
suddenly, i stop thinking about her.
"you like this place?" i asked
"yeah very much,so romantic"
"i hope you like chines?" i said
"yes.i do"
a Stone lifted out of me at that moment.
while watting for the food i though it will be good time to find out about her.
"you know!" i said
"i don't even know your name"
she lol "oh I'm sorry,you never asked"
"my name is Lilian"
i can swear i imagine her name be something sexy like susan.evon.jacklin.Lilian
lilian perfect.
"Lilian? what is it France?"i asked
"yeah my mom was from France"
"tell me about her pls,about you,your family i want to know you"
she told me about her family,about her brother her sister.
her child-hood.we talk and talk

11;00 pm we walk hand by hand out of the my car.
i felt so good i put my amber lights on and drove away,few miles down the road a police stop me and ask me to put it off ,i did.

"you see this house?" she asked
"that's my house"
"oh i see,you right it's not far from the cemetery".
and we drove away to the cemetery.
to our discreet place,it was OK for me i didn't want no one see me from work and she didn't want her brother or sister to see her.come to think about it,no one come to cemetery at night anyway!!
so it was perfect place for us!!!

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