rm_pogonut2 43M
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7/8/2006 7:56 am

well it's raining this morning. i was gonna change out my tranny on truck this morning b4 it got to hot. but now i think i will play some pogo and then take kids to water park later today.
i have been working on my credit , and after researching a few websites that do such things, i employed one to help me, so i will update here on what kinda job they do. all they are doing for me is improving my credit score from 600, to hopefully above 700 or more. and then i will purchase that bike i've been dreaming about.
when i picked up my kids last night my ex noticed i had my toungue ring back in (which i havn't worn in 8 yrs), she made a comment that it looked good, and i said i had blue balls on, and she laughed, then i realized what i said, she said good luck, lol.
well i'm off so to get some flirty looks(hopefully)

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