rm_pogonut2 43M
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7/9/2006 2:59 pm

let me tell ya about this yerning in me and desire to please a woman, i don't get turned on till i know the woman i'm with is enjoying or enjoyed herself, then i can let my self blow. i got seperated over 2 yrs ago and divorced over a year ago, it has been awhile since i've been with a woman but the first woman that i get ahold of is gonna remember what i do to her, example i will start licking and kissing up her thighs till i get to the sweet spot where i will pause there for awhile to make a woman squirm, and when i finnally work up to the penatration, lets just say i don't just fuck i like to grind and many other things.
wow this was quite a relief just talking about it, and i was being brief and nondescriptive, oh i can't wait to get laid again.
hope you all enjoyed

tried the chat room again last night. i find it hard to get involved in a conversation, it seams 95 of the ppl in there are guys just coming in and saying they are horney(in some way) and what location they are looking in. and what convo that was going on was hard to follow, i tried jumping in a few times, but felt it was useless.

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