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7/22/2006 11:09 am

your beautiful soft hair is iridescent in the dim candlelight, and your bright, sexy eyes penetrate right through to my soul as you enter the room and approach me. our eyes lock together in a familiar smile that bathes us in the warmth of intimacy shared by true friends, and passionate lovers. i gently run my fingers through your hair, cupping your face in my hands as i tilt your head slightly and softly kiss you. both our bodies begin to tingle as the depth of our beings dance with pleasure in the dim flicker of candlelight. i gently lay you on the bed, unfastening your robe revealing the soft curves of your beautiful body, and you look up at me with an innocent vulnerability so pure, my eyes turn away from you.

i gently tie a silk scarf around your eyes, then arrange you as i will. i stretch your arms above your head, accentuating the curves of your breasts. i pull your knees in the air, and gently spread your legs so that all of your beautiful body is accessible to me. as the hypnotic beat of the music continues, and the smell of incense pervades you, i softly begin to touch you. i trace the beauty of your face with my hands, and each successive touch relaxes you more. i then take each foot firmly in my hands, massaging the tension out, and gently stimulating each toe. you drift on the edge of sleep, your body overcome with a gentle pleasure and total comfort.
my hands softly move across your body, as light as the gentle caress of a summer breeze. you drift off to sleep. as you sleep, i softly begin to kiss the insides of your thighs, moving closer and closer to your wetness. i feel your body respond to my kisses, and the erotic desire that builds within you, but my kisses are so soft that you do not wake.

suddenly, i take your wetness in my mouth and begin to hungrily pleasure you. your body begins to tense and your hips lift off the bed as you awaken to the ecstatic feel of me consuming you. i rake the muscles of my slender, toned stomach across your wetness, marking me as yours, and the scent of you on me makes me wild with desire for you. as our eyes lock together, i gently press the full length of myself inside you, and interlock our fingers together. i softly whisper in your ear as i slowly begin to move inside you, and our bodies lock together as one. the passionate beauty of the moment overwhelms me, and you feel the warm drop of a tear on your breast.

the depth of your being is overwhelmed by my passion for you, and your body pulses in ecstasy as the tension in us builds. you feel consumed by me, as if your very soul is mine, and the fire in my eyes sends a shudder into the depths of you. we hungrily wrap ourselves up in each other as our bodies explode, and our souls interweave as one.

time stands still as we lay there together, wrapped up in each other.

with the warmth of my body enveloping you, you drift off into a careless sleep.

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