The Mystical Dance of Seduction  

rm_poet22143 33M
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3/25/2006 8:43 am

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3/25/2006 9:11 pm

The Mystical Dance of Seduction

Have you ever surrendered yourself to a dance with a lover in a softly lit room, feel his hands rest themselves on your hips as he pulls you closer to his strong frame. and as your bodies press together you can feel his confessions of arousal to you and soon the music begins, both of your bodies begin to sway, move, and grind against each other to the beat of the melody, something about the way he moves the softness of his caress, excites your skin as well as your sexual core, every stroke of his fingers is a stroke of lust to your desires, you bite your lip trying to regain your poise and composure without success because he leans your head to the side, begins to suck generously and firmly on your neck, his tongue darting across the smooth skin captured by his teeth, now you can feel your flower blossoming and spreading its nectar between your thighs and you can even feel his own arousal pulsate against you as you continue to grind deepening this sexual trance you've found yourselves in, he starts whispering into your ear how sexy you look, how much you turn him on, how much he craves your sweet lust, and sex, gyrating his hips against you rhythmically, his voice so soft and soothing, that every whisper excites you even more, his strong hands holding you firmly, and just his movements alone you feel your desires out of control within you, your mind starts to spin with the images of you him passion sex and all the glorious pleasures along with it.
your body surrenders you stop fighting yourself and you give in, your body becomes moldable in his masculine arms and your bodies meld with every crush of your hips, every sway of your legs, you feel everything burning up,he gasps and moans at the feel of your body against him, his hardness pressing againgst you more and more, you find your own apex of desire throbbing and heating up, then come his whispers again telling you what he will do after the dance is finished, as he details how his fingers,tongues, core will surge in you pleasing your every sensitive area, stroking your sexual core with his admissions of lust for you, your body just can't take it, legs get weak, body trembles, moans and gasps and escape your lips as you feel your womanhood pulsate with a light orgasm collapsing back into his embrace, before he guides you into the bedroom of your desires.
this is perhaps on of the many types of seduction the seducing effect of movement and dance, there shall be many more about the various types of seduction in the future, i only hope that this aroused your own desires

Jeepidiot 42M

3/25/2006 9:19 am

I'm white and I'm male. Dancing does not come natural to me so I don't even attempt it. Someone is bound to get hurt if I do. Apparently I'm missing out though.

rm_poet22143 33M
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3/25/2006 9:11 pm

even if both you and the woman do not move and still sway back and forth or from side to side, the rhythmic motion is enough to cause that feeling, i to was the same way and stepped on many of ladies feet before i began to flow with things, it simply takes patience and the desires there. And if dancing is not something for you, the emotions during can still exsist and still be as vivid.

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