The Eyes  

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3/23/2006 9:51 pm

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The Eyes

Have you ever stared into someone's eyes? Looked deeply into the crystalline knowledge that lies softly inside?
i have to say that a woman's eyes are my most favorite feature simply because if their eyes are of mystic color, whether green, ice or dark blue, a rustic brown or even the rainbow effects of hazel i find myself staring into their eyes deeply.
because of this i have come to understand the important factor of staring into a person's eyes.
there have been moments in my life that by me looking deep into their eyes and them into mine, its almost as if they communicate and share with each other the subtle desires and fantasies, there have been times that a simple glance can be as erotic as a touch or thrust.
there have been other times faintly in the back of mind just by looking deep into the crystal pupils and mirror glare of their eyes i slowly watch the night unfold like a imagry of the mystic pages we write with our actions, movements and lust towards each other.
I am quite sure you can remeber the last time you were at a club, or bar, or even a more general place such as a mall or grocery store. You look up and see a person that the very sight of makes you quiver and your lust blossom beautifully.
Is it their movements so alluring, their stature and poise, the shape of their body that drives you instatible, the muscular frame and masculine features which by staring gracefully at causes your admissions of passion slowly gather at the core between your thighs. perhaps their supple breasts and curvacious figure, adorned with soft skin, fememine grace and sensual composure seems to harden your arousal even more.
But in that moment of sexual desire reasons matter not, all you know is you want to keep looking, continue admiring their alluring form as you feel your own stimulation build to the point of absolute diven torment.
all you can do is look with soft eyes towards this fire of your loins, body of your admirations.
such an arousal state is a very joyous trance to surrender to, and all you can think of is how you desperatly wish to quickly arrive home only to rush to your bedroom, and touch your aching body gliding your fingers over your skin, and stroke yourself to the beat of your exctasy.
pleasuring your body with that body displayed in your mind in the most carnal and sexual images as you spasm , scream into the night and orgasm so explosivly your whole body collapses and soo you find your self in a deep sleep dreaming of your secret lover
so tell me have you ever stared into someone's eyes, looked so deep into their crystalline sexual windows longing for every confession of sexual desire, while your own eyes mirror your arousal as well as pulsing sexual cofessions.

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

3/24/2006 3:29 am

I can't do this ... why can't I do this ? Am I so afraid that they would see my vulnerability ... ?


rm_poet22143 33M
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3/24/2006 4:47 am

sometimes it is difficult because by reading their eyes you allow them to read yours.perhaps a part of all of us are afraid to show our vulnerability,

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