King of the Gypsies  

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2/3/2006 4:54 pm

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King of the Gypsies

It is once again February, the month of lovers and passions. i find myself daydreaming and imagining another fantasy of mine, one full of these same qualities.

We arrange to meet at a hotel/ bed and breakfast over the phone. when the woman arrives i tell her she must be prepared and pampered before we can go further, that she is to be warmed to my touch and my passion, it is then i usher two other young girls dressed in gypsy fashion to enter, they in turn bath, massage, oil and dress her in elegant silk, lace, and satin, a very erotic ensemble of lingerie, they have been instructed to be as teasing and thourough as possible, soaking you in a bath of oil lavender bubble bath/ then brushing her hair, massaging every inch of her with soothing oatmeal lotion, they lay her on the bed allowing their hands to run over her until one reaches inside of her panties and says that she is warmed and ready, afterwards i undress ever so slowly, get between her legs and slowly caress and trace her lips, her form between her thighs, teasing her skin till she can't take anymore as the other girls massage and caress the rest of her body, her eyes close, breath gets heavy, she immerses herself in the pleasure without shame guilt or doubt, when this shows on her face, in her gasps and moans, is when my tongue ever so gracefully begins to lick up and down her wet lips, my fingers spreading her apart gently, the tip of my tongue flicking across her clit before inching in deep, before slipping out again, this teasing process continues until i know she is vibrating with lust, desire and sexual craving, then i beging to bury my tongue inside her, deep hard and wildly, switching between rubbing her clit, and fingering her apex of lust, while my mouth switches between sucking deeply on her clit, and plunging my tongue into her depths.
faster, deeper harder, constantly my tongue and fingers move with grace and a wild desire to have her scream, the other two girls continue to massage and grope her breasts while also rubbing their own bodies, they begin to lick each other while i keep thrusting my tongue and fingers into this lady of pleasure, cupping her bottom and lifting her body slightly into the air giving my tongue more access to her depths and velvet walls inside.
once she is about ready to orgasm, one of the other girls begin sucking her neck and rubbing her breasts all over her, while the other joins me and we both use our tongues on her, one licking her clit, the other thrusting inside of her, switching between the both, using our fingers and tongues to make her scream and cumm wildly into our wanting mouths, then laying down and letting her ride me like a wild mare while another of the girls grinds her pussy down on my face wildly as she suckles the lady of pleasure's breasts and her tongue teases her nipples.
i stare into her eyes with a sensual and seductive stare as i thrust my hips to match her movements allowing my arousal to fill her deep, and making her scream in pleasure, after what seems to be hours, i place her on her hands and knees and begin to thrust myself deep hard and fast inside of her, maintaining a steady drum beat rhythyme, and pounding myself into her womanhood while the other girls switch between pleasuring themselves or massaging her body all over, while my lust plunges deeper hitting her g-spot on every thrust.
pleasing each other into the night, loving in such passion and heat that we both collapse, drained of energy but feeling so free as if we are among the stars.

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