Fallen Angel's Embrace pt 2  

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Fallen Angel's Embrace pt 2

Fallen Angel’s Embrace pt 2
By John K Sills

Luna stands above the rooftops of the world/
Unfurling her dark wings/
Burning with this lust this fallen angel girl/
Her mind filled with sinful things/

She suspends herself into the night/
Calling loudly for a fallen lover/
Slowly undressing amidst the twilight/
Her body craving no other/

The night filled with the scent of sage and sandalwood/
The cool air brushing across her creamy skin/
A beacon of desire as only a fallen angel could/
Her lust burning hotter from the depths within/

It is Gabriel that answers her call/
Flying swiftly to this Fallen girl/
Wanting to give her his all/
Flying above the sleeping world/

Gabriel dressed in his Angelic blue/
His golden hair swaying with the wind/
His passionate stare captivates Luna so true/
As their sensual symphony is about to begin/

They kiss with such intense desire/
Their bodies begin to intertwine/
Things wings burning with a wildfire/
From a fallen arousal so divine/

Luna stares into his wanton eyes/
As Gabriel slowly begins to undress/
Moisture gathers at the flower between her thighs/
When his hands start to touch, dance and caress/

His fingers slowly trace around her wetness/
As Luna gasps desire deep into her lungs/
Gabriel begins to explore deeper with finesse/
While he excites her mouth with his tongue/

Their tongues dance in pure lust/
Darting between each others lips/
His fingers bury deeper with gentle thrust/
Luna slowly grinding her supple hips/

Clutching each other tighter than before/
Their silhouette upon the moon/
Her apex longing for more/
Their movements becomes a lustful tune/

Gabriel’s kisses slowly trail down her skin/
His warm mouth engulfing her supple breasts/
Luna feels the pleasure surge deep within/
As he slowly teases her nipples with a warm breath/

Massaging her luscious breasts with his tongue/
Using a fallen angel’s expert skill/
With the night still so young/
She surrenders her pleasure to his will/

Luna runs her fingers through his hair/
Gripping it tightly/
Gabriel explores her sex with tender care/
As their lust becomes wild and free/

He slowly dips his head between her thighs/
Softly kissing upon her clit/
Luna’s moans pierce the night sky/
As Gabriel’s tongue slowly traces her slit/

His tongue wildly swirls within/
Burying itself all the way/
Reeling over the taste of her skin/
As Luna’s body begins to writhe and sway/

His tongue thrusting like hot steel/
as her lust stirs and gathers inside/
Losing himself in the feel/
Of the burning heat that resides/

Swirling his tongue deeper within/
Exploring every inch of her secret altar/
As her orgasmic melody begins/
Luna’s lust hanging upon his star/

Gabriel starts firmly massaging her clit/
As she screams into the sleeping night/
His tongue just won’t quit/
her core exploding with pleasure just right/

Spinning higher and faster into the air/
Luna’s hands begins stroking his sexual core/
He softly runs his fingers through her hair/
Their desires burning with heat like never before/

Luna screams as her orgasm ripples through her soul/
pressing his head deeper between her thighs/
Surrendering to Gabriel her absolution and control/
His tongue filling her up, burning from the inside/

Luna slowly takes his lust between her lips/
Licking gently on the is hot silky skin/
Gabriel responds with gentle thrusts of his hips/
As she swirls her tongue lovingly around his sin/

Sucking more of him in a fit of desire/
Gabriel slowly succumbs to her will/
Two fallen angels flying even higher/
As she sucks and licks with a vixen’s skill/

Luna takes him all the way down/
Tasting him so bittersweet/
Gabriel fills the night with pleasure sounds/
while her tongue feels his quickening heartbeat/

Circling the head with the tip of her tongue/
Sucking deeper and harder with burning lust/
Gabriel gasps sexual rapture into his lungs/
As his hips give a deep thrust/

She can feel him drawing near/
Speeding up her mouth’s pace/
Gabriel stares into the moon so crystal clear/
While Luna sucks all the way down to his base/

He explodes in all his melodic sins/
Screaming deep into starlit night/
Luna’s passion burning deep within/
As she drinks his milky nectar under the twilight/

Luna continues for every drop of his thick desire/
His muscles still continue to spasm/
Staring at her with eyes of burning sapphire/
Abandoning himself to the pleasure of his orgasm/

Their bodies intertwine/
Gabriel slowly eases his core into her sacred place/
Feeling his core so hot and divine/
Luna and Gabriel immersed in this fallen embrace/

He buries deeper, faster, harder inside her wetness/
As she feels his veins of burning heat/
Their tongue passionately caress/
Tasting each others pleasures so sweet/

Luna bucks and grinds against her lover/
Feeling the cool crisp wind on her skin/
Exploring deeply one another/
As Gabriel plunges the way in/

His mouth engulfs her naked breasts/
Luna’s grips tightly around his sinful core/
Gabriel continuing to tease her nipples with hot breath/
Making her beg and scream for more/

Gabriel reaches down and massages her clit/
Sending pleasure straight through/
His mouth just won’t quit/
Their Angelic wings, burning with desire so true/

Into his shoulder Luna buries her face/
Biting deeply on Gabriel’s skin/
He quickens his relentless pace/
Plunging all the way deep within/

Suspended gracefully on the wings of their lust/
Luna digs with her nails in a fit of desire/
Gabriel staying constant with his powerful thrusts/
As they keep flying even higher/

Like burning stars high above the land/
True lovers caught in the wake/
Gabriel massages her clit wildly with his soft hands/
As she begins to tremble quiver and shake/

Luna feels it once again swell deep inside/
Making her body grow tight in ecstasy/
Consuming her in this lustful tide/
her second orgasm breaking through so aggressively/

Luna’s apex grips tightly around his stem of carnal sins/
Her orgasm still ripping through/
Gabriel feels his own burning within/
As she is imminent from orgasm to
Finally he explodes after one last hard thrust/
Screaming in Unbridled lust/

Softly gliding themselves down/
Wrapped in each others fallen wings. listening to he nights peaceful sound/
Whispering to each other passionate things
Still a silhouette on the moon so glowing and round/

Here is the 2nd in a story I must tell
so i hope these stirs your senses and your mind.
their passions lasting throughout the fall/
But more is to come if you are seeking to find/

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