Elegance, Poise, Grace  

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3/11/2006 6:06 pm

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Elegance, Poise, Grace

i've written alot about carnal desires, pure lust,and pure sexually driven fantasies.
but today i'd like to take a moment and speak of my passion for elegance poise and grace.
What is it about a woman that carries herself with respect and dignity that catches my interest. regardless of the intent still a woman who can portray grace and elegance can arouse me and stimulate me, if an elegant woman can stimulate my mental mind it is a wonderous thing.
everything in myself stills and slows down all that exsists is the moment and the pleasure given, a kiss will linger longer while my lips hover over hers, my tongue moves slow but with precision and desire behind its rythymic movements.
fingers dance over the skin like a waltz of pure erotic romance, everything slow still passionate, time seems to slow and become irrelevant, roughness and the more hard and deep movements come later, now its all about teasing the body, building things up till they vibrate and glow.
when i can allow my fingers and tongue the serenity to move in the way it wishes gracefully i find their moans may be soft but true, everything in them slows and both people gradually immerse themselves in the world of lovers passion and sensuality, this is where touch, kiss, tenderness, gentle movements can send each other to new heights of erotic pleasure and exctasy.
the stare i give is like looking through soft eyes and pure enjoyment
this is excatly why i enjoy the elegance, poise, and grace of a woman's body, mind and movements

Holly_Would 105F

3/11/2006 9:34 pm

you have really touched on something quite profound and real...and sensual. i simply love men who possess those qualities.

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