A new Mental image  

rm_poet22143 33M
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3/14/2006 6:17 am
A new Mental image

Currently i find i have a very vivid mental image racing through my mind. it pertains to my absolute love for licking a woman's apex of desire.
it almost plays out like a dream or fantasy wrapped in erotic energy and sensual desires:

the enviroment/ candles lit everywhere, the bedroom painted and colored in a deep red, soft orange and yellow accents,a large bed with soft sheets/ the scent of patchouli,sage, or sandalwood lingering in the air/soft music playing elegantly.

The attire:
i am wearing a tight pair of dress pants, a sapphire blue shirt, clean shaven wearing a soft cologne/ she is wearing a simple skirt or dress with a elegant bra, panties, garters and thigh highs
i am wearing a very sexy pair of blue breifs.

The Teasing sensation:
firs we make out, allowing our tongues to dance in a waltz of pure passion and desire, while our hands explore and caress each others body/ then softly tracing the lips of her womanhood through her pair of panties softly gently,as her wetness soaks the fabric/ then using my mouth to tease her entire body, saving the last and most sensitive areas for last/ afterwards i guide her to a chair and very lightly bind her to the chair with soft velvet rope/ spreading her legs allowing me full access then dipping my head down and giving a soft kiss to her pussy lips underneath the fabric, looking back up at her telling her to "let me know before she cumms"
pulling her panties back and slowly working my tongue deeper wiggling and writhing its way inside her depths, then beginning to thrust and plunge my tongue in and out, deep and hard into her wetness, continueing this until her moans get extreme, and when she says she is almost there, i completly stop moving up and teasing her with erotic words and sensual speech, when her body calms a bit, i repeat again asking the request once again, this time i suck on her clit, while fingering her womanhood lovingly, and keep going until she says again that she is almost to cumming, stopping again, teasing her with more erotic words and sentences until in her eyes lies a glimmer of raw carnal lust/
for the last time i reposition her to be able to have full access, saying the same request while i bury my tongue inside her ass, finger her and rub her clit all at the same time/ when she this time tells me she is about to, i don't stop instead begin moving, deeper, harder, longer, until she can't take anymore and explodes into my wanting mouth, mmmmm so tasty/
afterwards, our lust is primed, mind seduced/ and we both are craving raw lustful passion fueling each others desire for the rest of the night/

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