foreplay the ulitmate game  

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8/10/2005 2:57 pm

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foreplay the ulitmate game

I am going to talk about foreplay.....the arousal. For some sex is merely the connection of two bodies, a cock inserted into a hot wet fleshy hole.

Actually the above is the ending not the beginning of an intense sexual encounter. Foreplay......the teasing and arousal is the fuel for sex on a higher level. I've met some women who don't enjoy this part of the encounter they want it inserted asap.

For some reason many males think of it as a race, hurry up and fuck her and cum. My belief is very different. I want and enjoy intense encounters and its achieved only when both participants are aroused to the highest level. The way to get to the highest level is to tease.....oh yes and I have perfected this.

I realized early on that in any sexual encounter I'm going to cum.....however I can only cum so many times any man can only cum so many times. A woman is very unique indeed. A woman can cum numerous times some more than others, no two people are the same.

I like to do it slowly taking my time, trust me I know exactly what you want. You want to take off your clothes, spread those legs open. Have your flesh touched and played with, just laying and soaking it all in and enjoying. The feel of the touch and then waves of pleasure derived.

Now some might go right to your legs...spreading them open and touching for a few minutes.....and just as you get into the rythym.....bam they're jamming themselves into you.

I start slowly working the neck with my tongue. Then I explore and I mean explore your breasts, every inch of your flesh explored, looking for the places that react to my touch.

The tongue licks and sucks those tender and sensitive places, relentlessly, there's no let up for I seek one thing. ORGASMS I want to drive you there repeatedly. In addition I want you to crave me to touch you further.

Its a long road from your breasts to your hot fiery wet pussy. The tummy is explored, below the belly button, and then just when you think I'll taste it, I dive between your legs and explore the inner thighs......the hot flesh......maybe you've leaked some precious juice there just enough that I can sneak a taste.

Then I gaze at your pleasure center, the place where all the pleasure and enjoyment is created. The tongue explores, no I just don't dive in, I want you to crave it, to want it is badly

Only a woman can be teased this way. I want to be so very good at it.I explore around the hole, teasing the flesh till you can't stand it then finally I lick and suck your flesh. Oh yes you crave to be touched, no just for few minutes. Then you can truly get into the rythym.

The orgasmic waves begin to flow one after another. You see I want to turn the table, I want you to want me to fuck you. Of course I want to also but I get such an arousal over foreplay. I like the intense feeling, it takes control but I have that.

If you read the four part story I've posted its all about foreplay. Its not my fantasy,its what I've done many times.

Foreplay is so underrated so few reaqlly good practioners. It can become the ultimate game if there is the desire and control. I have slowly and teasingly taken control of women through intense foreplay. To see a woman so aroused that she begs to be fucked, damn thats truly priceless. To see the fire in her eyes, to have turned her from mild mannered to an animal...hmmm yes we were given a great gift the ability with some effort on our part to have a woman want us so badly she screams for it.

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8/10/2005 5:44 pm

This is excellent. And you are so correct about your skills.

rm_playmate4y 47F
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11/5/2005 8:14 pm

mmmm where have you been lov...Playmate4y

amazingpleasure 56F

11/7/2005 8:23 am

omg Yesssssssssssssssssssss
you very gifted in your sensuality
where have you been all my life?

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