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8/23/2005 1:40 am

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Web Cams on AFF

I must admit I have found the addition of Video Cam broadcasts to be quite entertaining.

Now I'm not talking about the one's who sit in front of a screen and all you see is them looking into their monitor. Are they trying to see me? Or did they drop something into their monitor and are looking for it. Who cares.

I'm talking about the ones who appear not to tease, like showing a breast or maybe their butt.

The real stars are the ones who appear on our monitors to let anyone who wishes to watch them. They want us all to see them do what they truly enjoy, and thats to touch themselves.

They come in all flavors here, so one can't really make any conclusion here.

I've found make women such incredible sexual beings. I've seen some who have actually put on a show per say here. Stripping off one piece of clothing at a time, dancing, until they're finally nude. Then they commence to touch themselves, hungry to perform, hungry to cum.

If you want to learn how to woman's wants to be fucked, watch her masturbate. It tells it all to you. Some like to touch themselves non stop... some stop and go. Some alternate from toys to fingers, back and forth.

Among the best here are the few who let you hear them as they touch themselves.

The women who let us watch them masturbate are exhibitionists on a certain level. It frees them to perform, they are so aroused and hungry to cum,
right on the stage here.

The fact is alot more want to do it, but suffer a bit from stage fright I guess. I have found women to be incredible masturbators. They like the control they can assert in this beautiful type of sex. Deep down many of them would gladly let a man watch them, hoping that he'd excite them to an even higher level.

I think masturbating is the rawest form of sex. One that leaves so many guilty of simply enjoying the intense pleasure. One never says afterwards it wasn't interesting or exciting.

I've written in this blog before let women loose. Well one of the things I like to do is release the guilt that builds in women over masturbating.

There are those who turn their nose up at it and
are very sexually active. I've heard of some doing two or three men a day. God bless.

So why does a woman who might masturbate two or three times a day feel so guilty about it? Its the safest form of sex to begin with. A lot of women are not interested in being with so many men,well here's the solution. Do it as often as you like and forget about the guilt.

I think one of my next posts is going to be about the best I've seen on cam here.

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