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8/8/2005 6:09 pm

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Today's post is going to be a serious topic tonight. There is something that really bothers the heck out of me, its about respect.

There's many facets of respect that I have very deep thoughts about. Today its about choice.

Everyday in a major city you pick up the newspaper and read an article about a woman being hurt or killed by an ex. It's either an exboyfriend or husband who can't stand the fact that the woman in their life has moved on.

Its happened to me, I've lost loves who decided to move on. I didn't ponder a course of action to force them to stay with me or punish them for their decision.

In this country we do have the right of choice both sexes have equal rights. Its not to say that women have not been vengeful for there are cases that have occurred.

It hurt when they said goodbye. Afterwards I realized it was just as well. Why? It now gave me the opportunity to find someone else who would appreciate me.

I see it in women's profile on AdultFriendFinder, some guys are rude when they don't get a reply to their inquiry. Here its simply a matter of numbers, the men outnumber the women by a large number. Its clear that with those odds that chances of someone replying to me is not in my favor.

There's a simple solution, instead of getting angry and wasting time writing something mean, I just move on and hope for the better.

Its really about respecting another person's right to choose. I'm not saying you have to approve of a person's choice. Many times I have wondered what the heck did I do to deserve this type of treatment.

I know obviously its very different in marriages vs dating. Especially when kids are involved, but thats the main reason for trying to work out a peaceful solution. How terrible is it for a child to witness his or her parents in a violent confrontation.

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