Pray for New Orleans  

rm_pleaseyou609 58M
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9/2/2005 3:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Pray for New Orleans

I guess I'm praying for a miracle. My hope is that some way some how that those that are suffering; homeless, without water and food somehow are rescued today.

The effort needed is tremendous. What I have seen so far is far too little. Just run the numbers and you know that one hospital ship days away is nothing.

Thousands of buses are needed now, thousands of truckloads of aid is needed now.

Its so frustrating to see their suffering and see so little progress made.

Its easy to say that there are those who are now hindering progress. There's always a few that will. But I didn't want to criticize earlier efforts, but the dire predictions were made a week ago. Certainly by Saturday it was clear that a landfall in New Orleans area was possible. Why wasn't more aid already being moved then?

These people have not had food for days, yes they are acting out of control....fueled by dispair.

New Orleans is a great city, been there and enjoyed. But when I looked around it is a city with a dark side. This dark side is now exposed.

Whats also been exposed is that the doomsday plan here and for probably most other cities is inadequate and just won't work. There was a plan for a storm such as this, there was a drill, clearly it lacked the cold hard facts of the chaos and the destruction of the infrastructure. Too much theory too little consideration of the mammoth effort needed.

This is a wakeup call to our response to any emergency, we will never get a warning detailing exactly what is going to happen. The inadquacies that were exposed in Florida last year have actually become worse here.

Has the response to any hurricane been overkill?
Has there ever been too many truckolads of supplies and too many people responding? No its always been a little at a time, taking days to product and people moving. How do evacuate you over half a million people? Not by adding 1,000 National Guards a day, and then waiting until there is total chaos to bring in more.

Don't mean to rant but why wasn't there 5-10,000 troops ready to move out Monday? There are bases scattered all over the South East and Texas.

Didn't anyone think where do you and how do you move over 500,000 people? How about the total shut down of the hospital system, where was the plan to evacuate them on Tuesday?

The point is it does take time and comphrensive plan to move both people in(suppoert) and out(victims). The normal flow of distribution of supplies has to be replaced and has to be done quickly.

Enough venting, its time for action lets hope this turns for the better quickly, please donate to the Red Cross.

Pray for a miracle as time is running out.

Fanta1959 57F
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9/2/2005 2:58 pm

Excellent! Yes the Red Cross can be counted upon to use donations wisely and to get help where it is needed.

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