Part 2 of a 4 part sensual woman's sexual fantasy, the stranger  

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8/3/2005 3:04 am

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Part 2 of a 4 part sensual woman's sexual fantasy, the stranger

So here we are in bathroom, picture me behind you, your sweet ass against my cock. You need me to lower your zipper.......don't you? Of course you do. You don't know what's overcome you, but every nerve in your body is tingling with excitement. That incredible sexual excitement and arousal thats yours alone is like a snowball rolling downhill, quickly picking speed and intensity.

You want to feel your jeans slide down your legs, all the way off, and your top to be pulled over your head. You want so badly to be nude, you are so hungry to be touched. All day you've felt your top rubbing against your bare nipples, your jeans rubbing against the smooth lips of your cunt. Everytime they do it sends another powerful electrical sexual pulse through your body, drivng your fire a few degrees higher each time.

The hunger to be touched, the hunger to cum has been aching within you for hours now. Thoughts of playing with yourself have seeped into your mind all morning long.
But now finally a stranger is so close to touching you, you're so hot thinking about it. There's a part of you that wants to guide my fingers to where you need them the most.
I slide down your zipper...........then slide my hands into the opening created. Feeling the flesh thats been shaved smooth, then my hands slide down to your hot wet crotch. You want them there. You want them deep inside your cunt, your hardened clit hungry to be rubbed. I know what you need, so my fingers probe for your slit, hmmmm I find your lips are so smooth and inviting. You're beginning to breathe heavier, in anticipation, sweet feel my fingers. You want fingers to penetrate your slit and enter your wet hole. Your jeans fall to your ankles as I spread your legs open. I play with your flesh, so wet, so hot.
Your ass moves and grinds against my cock as I explore. Soon I find your hard clit, I know it needs to be gently rubbed, doesn't it? Oh yes as I touch it you become whipser please don't stop. I ask you do you want to cum? You shake your head and whisper please..........

Its so risque anyone could walk in, would you care if you were seen by another man? I want you to cum for me now, my finger plays with your swollen clit. I touch and play with you, as I do feel your cheeks rub against me as your body pulses in pleasure. I can tell you are getting closer to cumming, breathing heavier, your gentle moans. You whisper between moans, please don't stop. I can tell by your face as we look in the mirror the intense pleasure you are experiencing. I know that you are so hungry and that it won't take long for me to drive you to cum.

There is something about your jeans down around your ankles. Your smooth round cheeks are exposed. My free hand gently rubs your solid round cheeks.

I just love orgasms......I want to hear yours. I want to feel you as you cum. can't hold back anymore, your body explodes with pleasure. My fingers keep working, soon I feel your cunt spasming in pleasure.

I am far from being done with you, I'm not going to fuck you here. I know this is just the beginning. I want to play further with your body, I want to admire the way you cum. How many times can I drive you to cum? Better yet how long before your eyes begin to scream to me fuck me Rich?

This takes me to part didn't think I was just going to stick my cock in you?

Fanta1959 57F
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8/6/2005 11:13 am

This one is my favorite.

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