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5/11/2006 7:16 am

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Laying here well rested in my bed...throughts of you ringing in my head...as I glaze into space...I swear I can feel your touch again...Your lips on my neck..nibblin ever so gently..hot moist breathe in my ear...shrivers run down my arms and spine...My pussy so hot with juices..your lips are journeyin down my neck to my shoulders along the undersides of my breast...gently you hold my boobs in your hands..they are flowing over your big hands...You first nibble gently on my left nipple while pinch the right one gently...My moans are very soft and sultle.....you increase the press of you teeth on my nipple,,,you pinches become harded and more desires flows thru my body making my moans become louded with every passing stroke of your tongue and hands...your travel down to my belly...I want you between my legs where i need you most....But you make me wait for your touch there...you rub and kiss t\my belly making sure you touch every area of skin i have..when I think you never going to kiss my drippin pussy lips you travel down...nibble my inner thin's..Oh how I love that..you run your tongue along my lips..being very careful not to touch my clit just yet....you lick and suck my pussy lips to my butt hole.. you lick my brownhole till the juice flow from my pussy to my hole only then do you work your way up to my clit...One touch on tongue makes my whole body tense and cumm starts to flow freely now...every sensation hitting me at once...you are bruntal never letting up your sucking of my clit..making me thrash and moan beyond need.....I beg you to stop....please fill me with your hard cock I beg....you pull your self up and pread my leg wide...you give me what I crave so much..with one thrust of your hard cock..you are deep in my sopping pussy...you fuck me hard and fast never letting you hips stop...my pussy is just spasmin so much at this point....so tight i am...your so hard and swollowin..I feel ever inch of you...Im cumming so hard and fast...Then I feel you spill your cum deep in my pussy....i feel your body quiver with every breathe you take....

I open my eyes...and find that while Im in my drift state I have found my fingers deep in my pussy...my juices are every where....the smell of my orgaism is appearent in the air....What a Lonely Day Im going to have.....LOL

03218mike 52M

5/16/2006 8:20 pm

Wow I wish I could touch someone likeyour former lover touched you

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