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11/20/2005 11:34 pm

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Sometimes I really fuck up and make some bad mistakes, and then I realize I have fucked up and I wish I could go back and change things, but I cant. I have had a tendency in the past to not appreciate a good thing till it's gone and then I realize what I have lost. I dont know how many guys I have had liking me, and me not realize how much I like them until it is too late and they have moved on and there is no getting them back. Sometimes I want to kick myself in the ass for stupid shit I do. I really liked this guy named Kris. He stayed the night with me a lot, and we got along great. We never dated, we just had a fling.I think if we would have ever dated we would have had a lot of fun. But now neither of us will know how it would have went,cause of how I treated him. I guess I just need to stop my shit, and if I get a guy not freak out(I have relationship issues, Im scared of letting my guard down ever since Chase), and actually give him a chance.I dont know, but anyway,this was just on my mind tonight....

rm_lsc3699 46M

11/21/2005 12:31 am

Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. There's a lot of people who make that mistake. You just need to find the right guy. If you really like someone and you get scared about the relationship. You should talk about it with him. He might have the same issues or he might be able to help you work things through. Maybe you go to fast into things and not think about the consequenses. You are a very beautiful woman. I think that any guy that you date would be happy if you tell them how you feel up front so they won't expect too much and take things a bit slower. I hope that this is helpful in any way.

rm_redhottogo 48M/50F
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11/21/2005 12:32 am

I can totally relate....sometimes we all let the "best ones get away." But then, do we really? We will always wonder if things might have been different.

friendsfirst1965 51F  
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11/21/2005 1:29 am

they say life is a lesson and things happen for a reason..... i keep searching for those reasons.......... one day i think they will be told...........until then be happy with what you got till its gone...life is no fun begin alone.......... good luck on your search.....

rm_playgirlDMH 32F

11/23/2005 7:25 pm

Thanks ya'll

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