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12/17/2005 12:32 pm

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I am so damn confused as to what I should do with my life right now. I went and saw Reggie the other night. I have decided I want to try to be his friend. It was the first time I had saw him in a year and a half! I still care about him, but my feelings for him are just not as strong as they used to be. I am still head over heels for Kris. He knows I like him,I just dont know if he knows how much. He is still dating Haley,but he has got me so fucking confused. He called me last Saturday night, and we went and saw a movie together. Then he ended up staying the night with me. He gave me a good-night kiss, but didnt try anything more. That is why I am confused, I mean it would all make perfect since to me if he tried to fuck me, then I would know I am just his piece of ass on the side. Right now we just consider ourselves" Just Friends" but I dont normally kiss my friends,or call them baby or sweetie. The whole situation has got me so messed up. And even though he has got a girlfriend he tries to get some off of some girls I know. I dont understand why he dont try to fuck me. During our fling we had we screwed 4 times. I mean I dont want him to try to fuck me cause then that would make me feel like he was using me,but it makes me wonder if Im not good enough. I just dont know. If any of yall guys know what might be going on in his head,please let me know...

pablo8438 41M

12/17/2005 1:37 pm

Maybe Kris is as confused as you are? If he just fucked you, it would show that he didn't care about you - but he didn't. Going to the movies/kissing/cuddling is what couples do. It is probable that he really likes you but is unsure what to do. Why don't you just ask him? Men aren't mind readers although we like to think we are!

Anthonyblue 63M

12/17/2005 2:32 pm

If he did not want too fuck you, he must have a screw missing. I mean you are hot. It sounds like he has more respect for you than the other girls you say he is trying to knock off. Maybe he is testing himself by taking you out and not trying anything with you. But for what reason??? I have not got the answer to that. If Kris and Hayley had set a wedding date, then maybe that would make sense as to why he is testing himself with you.
All I know is if I was 30 years younger I would be doing more than taking you to the movies.

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