The Passion of a Leader  

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10/13/2005 9:24 pm

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The Passion of a Leader

I felt this flow out of me, it is not about sex just about life and Leading.
There are a few things that make great leaders; leaders who are effective, inspiring, strong, and honorable.
1. Enthusiasm and sense of duty for their cause, occupation, or position.
2. Zeal and concern for the people they serve.
3. A strong and effective team which surrounds them.
4. Vision, sound doctrine, and wisdom.

A person with Enthusiasm and a sense of duty is willing to weather the up and downs of the profession. They are inspired by many pass success and driven by mentors and leaders who guide and coach them to an expected end. High confidence and proper directions leads to a leader that is able to carry those that follow to a greater destination.

Leaders who have the people that they serve at heart balance the vision with the reality of human frailty. He/she understands though all the talents and potential that we see in others, the hardest part is getting them to also see and reach their potential. This must be achieved with time, compassion, patience, and guidance. The leader must know each individual and adapt their style to effect change in each of them.

Leaders are only one and a team of many. True leaders inspire, motive, reward, and punish. But they do it with wise counsel, close friendships and professional bonds. One man can not effectively be an expert at many things, but many men can be an expert at all. Building this effective team takes time and patience; strong commitment and faith. All members of the team must be allowed to express their individual personality and the leader must integrate them efficiently and successfully.

Last but not lest a leader must have a vision for his team, based on sound doctrine and wisdom. A vision will allow the team to stay focus; it will give each member a sense of purpose and direction. This will allow all members to concentrate their effects in achieving the same goal. Sound doctrine will take established wisdom and each member’s creative side and produce an effective and innovative product.

Leaders are hard to find and takes time to develop. But with good sound leadership a company or team can achieve much.

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