First Time in the Red Light District  

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10/11/2005 7:58 pm

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First Time in the Red Light District

Joining the military has open many opportunities for me; I’m an expert in my field of electronics and management, I have met many interesting people in my travels, and I have had the opportunity to travel and experience the world. One of my favorite moments was at the Famous Germany Red Light District. I walled into this fine establishment appearing to be like any other business. Clean comfortable couch, a lady walks out in his heels and lingerie and asked how I may please you today. Before I could speak six beautiful, sexy petite ladies walked out to greet me. I was 19 at the time so I felt like a kid in the candy store. “All for me” I said excited and hard, “how many do I get?” As the all laughed and one reached over to give me a kiss. Without hesitation I chose her. She has long dark hair, slim and petite, blue eyes and a great smile. We walked to be back and she began to such my cock. She was amazed that such a big thing could fit in small package; and she began to suck it like she had never had a cock before. She sucked my cock like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. She looked up at me and said I want this big cock now. I knew I had to take it slow; she had a soft tight pussy, very sweet and petite. I slowly put my cock into that tight pussy as she began to scream “ohh”. Working the head in and out till I was able to open it up and the pussy swallowed my cock. Energized and aroused that I was fucking in the Red Light District; I began to pound on that pussy as she begged and panted for more. I turned her over and began to fuck her doggy style. As she began to bit the pillow I knew I was hitting it in the right spot, I started to fuck faster and faster, and she was progressively cumming on my cock, over and over again. I laid down and she road my cock like a pony. I could fill her squeezing my cock with her tight pussy, as I began to moon and climax. She quickly moved to sucking my dick and sucked the cum right out of me. Ohh what an exciting moment, I will never forget.

Efilnikufecin69 47M

10/11/2005 9:45 pm


1. Which Famous Redlight District are you talking about? There are "Redlight Districts in EVERY big city here in Germany!

2. Being that I used to work protecting the women in the houses, I know hat they get NO pleasure in their customers, it is all show. So do you really believe you can make a prostitute moan who fucks generally speaking up to 50 men per day?

3. It is German Law and strictly enforced that ALL prostitutes MUST use condoms. Noone wants to contract a disease and this goes mostly for the prostitutes, otherwise they lose their job. Are you sure you weren't dreaming?

If you did manage to do the stuff you claim to have done, then you gave out your whole paycheck for it. In an establishment such as the one you describe, the entry fee without sex is €150 for a single man, the price for sex is set by each prostitute individually.


ImBigSexy 43F
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12/14/2005 9:27 am

Just reading that story made my pussy wet. U tell it so well, Baby. U have intrigued me since the day I began to talk to u. Hope to see u soon!

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