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The wait...

This is a short story I wrote the other evening. There isn't any particular relevence for it in my life, nor should one be inferred, but it was fun to write. I hope you enjoy it as well...

“Ms Summers, congratulations. The selection process was rather lengthy, but certainly well served… you’re in our employ now. We will of course prepare an outgoing press announcement, saying as much.” “Thank you very much Mr. Linley; it’s a pleasure to be here with such a prestigious firm.”

“Yes, I suppose it is a pleasure to work here, isn’t it.”
“Yes sir, it certa…”
“Ms. Summers that was a rhetorical question. I merely wanted to welcome you to the firm. You may return to Human Resources, I’m sure they’re waiting for you.”

Brenda Summers considered herself lucky to be part of one of the largest attorney firms in the city. A strong background in administrative procedures as well as litigation graphic art design made her the front-runner of the potential candidates. She knew as much, but advertising such a brass sentiment wouldn’t have served a purpose… certainly not here where most of the partners names could easily be found in the numerous who’s who publications serving the trade. Any such boast would’ve sounded trite in the intimidating air of this office.

“Good going, first day on the job and you already made yourself look like an ass in front of the boss.”

Brenda smiled to herself, as she recalled that first meeting with her employer. He was stuffy and arrogant, but contained a presence she found oddly attractive; she felt it then as she stood in his office… that office. It was designed to intimidate visitors; remind them what an imposing figure he could be, should be decide to be. It was a side to him that she had seen on occasion, a side to him that she now found extremely attractive, and one that opened the door to a very torrid relationship that she and Mr. Linley were now involved with. Even now as she walked through those very doors to his office, she was amazed that she still felt that sense of intimidation. It turned her on even more, now eight months into their torrid liaison.

“Ms. Summers, please set your files for the Savoy case on the right of my desk, then come here.” His back was to her, never acknowledging her directly, “I have something I want to show you.”

She set the file down as directed; walking up to him she admired his pale pink dress shirt. ‘There aren’t very many men who can pull that color off’ she smiled to herself. “Yes sir, what may I do for you?” Brenda was professional in demeanor, but inside she was already tingling in anticipation, wondering what he had in store for her.
“Ms. Summers, you are of course familiar with my library; all the books you see here are first editions.” She listened intently, having learned her lesson the first time.
“I would like you to take this particular book home and read it. It’s Rene Descartes’ ‘Discourse on Method’; perhaps you are familiar with it?”
She smiled as she uttered the words, “Cogito ergo sum.”
“Yes of course, very good Ms. Summers… correct, ‘I think therefore I am.’ It is perhaps the world’s most popular quotation, yet most could not say where it comes from. Visigoths, all of them.”
“Thank you sir, I will of course read it, and return it promptly.” “Of that, I have no doubt Ms. Summers. But do you know why I want you to read it?”
“No sir, I don’t.” “It is the platform from which natural science evolves, and was the springboard for the revival of skepticism founded by the early Greeks.” He smiled to himself, noting her puzzled expression. “Ms. Summers, it’s a reminder to doubt everything, and assess the world from a fresh perspective without preconceived notions.” “I’m sorry sir…”
“Similarly Ms. Summers, I want you to be free of any preconceived notions regarding our relationship. I’ve always felt that any question a person may have in their mind, was best answered by returning to the beginning. Examining the past as a resource, so as not to stray down an incorrect path in the present.” “Learning from the past, so as not to repeat it.” “Precisely Ms. Summers.”
“Mr. Linley… have I done something wrong?”
“Not in so many words Ms. Summers, I merely wish you to have an understanding.”
Brenda examined the cover of the antique text, touching it reverently, “I see, what exactly would you like me to do, sir?”

The look on his face was indefinable; a calm yet commanding demeanor pervaded his presence. She found it attractive, and could suddenly sense her own breathing quicken. “Step closer to the bookcase Ms. Summers. I’d like you to examine these books. What do you think of my collection?” She did as directed, and immediately smelled the intimacy of the leather-bound volumes. “They are very nice sir. I don’t see any dust whatsoever, on the shelves.” “Is that all you have to say Ms. Summers, that my valuable collection of books are dust free?”

Brenda winced as she tried to think of what he may be looking for, her mind raced to say something… anything; just as long as it didn’t sound dumb. She could sense his presence right by her ear; smell the subtle aroma of his after-shave. Then the game began, as it had many times before. Her lower lip trembled as she felt the presence of his hand on the small of her back. The feeling of the warmth of his hand through the silk of her blouse sent a current of flushed emotion through her neck and into her cheeks. Brenda was annoyed that her own body would betray her so readily. “Your collection… is a testament to your influence in the city’s judicial system. Only a man of power could gather such an impressive collection.” “I wonder Ms. Summers if you truly believe that, or expect to say what you think I want to hear.”

His hand continued down, firmly assessing the outside of her hip. Pressed firmly against the fabric of her skirt, she sensed his hand move to the outside of her ass and then grabbed her determinedly. Brenda gasped involuntarily as her hands moved in front of her, to gain support against the shelves. “Do be careful with the books Ms. Summers. One volume is worth more than your annual salary.” “I’m… I’m sorry… Mr. Linley. I’ll be… careful.” “Yes, to be sure Ms. Summers. I have complete confidence you will.”

Brenda slowly bit her lower lip as her fingertips caressed the amassed collection of books in front of her. Her eyes closed as she felt him probe the cleft of her cheeks with his fingers. Slowly he began to lift her skirt, now both of his hands explored her bottom as the fabric effortlessly moved up and over her hips; the delicate lace of her panties, the only barrier between him and her now. Brenda could feel her own body react to his touch, her hips gently moved back into his grasp. His outstretched hands conformed to the outline of her ass completely, as the heat of his touch seared into her skin. “Do not have any doubt in your mind Ms. Summers, I am in control. You do understand that don’t you?” “Yes sir, I… I do… understand.” She answered him through gasps of air, as she felt his probing fingers enter the softness between her legs. His first two fingers collectively grasped her pussy lips through the sheer fabric, and her breath failed her as she sighed slowly.

“Do not presume any notions of self control at this moment Brenda.” It was the first time this afternoon, that he addressed her so informally. The sweat beaded on her upper lip as she breathed into the proximity of the shelving, with nowhere to move, she had no choice. She stood immobilized as she felt his fingers grasp either side of her hip and methodically pull her panties down. Without being told, she held onto her skirt for him, fumbling to unbutton the fastening. As Brenda stepped out of her panties, she let her skirt drop to the floor. The rush of air against her exposed skin aroused her and she parted her legs. Leaning forward, she placed her hands on the shelving in front of her face.

“Yes Ms. Summers, very good.” He bent down behind her, tracing the length of her legs with his fingertips. Down from the thighs to her ankles. His touch swirled once around the exposed heels of her feet, through her shoes, then up the length of her legs. His hands stopped on either side of her ass, and gently parted the cheeks. Brenda swallowed hard as she felt his breath against her ass, the soft blowing of air from his lips onto her flowering pussy lips, quickened her breath. What came next sent shudders through her legs as she struggled to remain standing. His face firmly in between her ass, he tasted the pre-cum juices that ebbed from her pussy, and Brenda gasped aloud in reaction.

The soft yet rough feel of his face against her ass, excited her. The squeeze of his hands on her cheeks, firmly spreading her apart while he feasted on her treasure was all she could take. The slow rolling moan that erupted from her mouth, alarmed her. His tongue explored the folds of her pussy initially, and then he gently bit the inside of her ass cheek… tugging as he held her between his teeth. Convulsions racked her body as he returned his attention to her pussy. Quick flickering darts of his tongue caressed her pussy lips as she came, pushing back into his face. She struggled for control as she gripped the shelf in front of her.

When he was done, she turned to face him now. Impulsively she reached for his pants and unzipped them. Reaching inside for his erection, she pulled it out and grasped it with both hands. Stroking him, she looked into impassive eyes… eyes that bore into her. His cock was hot and rigid she knelt down and took him into her mouth. The feeling of him fucking her face only made her want to touch herself, and she started to finger her clit. The other hand continued to masturbate him, willing him to cum in her mouth. She could taste the salty pre-cum, and it encouraged her to continue. Brenda knew he was ready and enthusiastically ran her tongue the length of his shaft, flicking her tongue on the underside of the head of his cock. She knew it was his most sensitive spot, and he responded by holding the back of her head, grasping her hair in his hands firmly. The guttural growl that came from his throat told her he was almost there, and she came again as she anticipated her prize. “Get your panties. Give them to me… now!” he commanded. She did as she was told and watched as her prize was denied her. He relieved the orgasm that consumed his body like wild fire, by cumming in the crotch of her panties. Brenda was wistful as she unconsciously licked her lips and watched the pearl like liquid puddle in the undergarment he held in his hands.

“You may put these back on now, Ms. Summers.” Brenda blinked twice as she stood and did as she was told. Once she was dressed, she turned to him. Again his back was to her as he walked to his desk and looked out of the large pane window, staring down at the cityscape. She waited patiently for his dismissal; seemingly for hours when in actuality it was only minutes.

When he said nothing, she turned to leave. “One moment Ms. Summers. I have further instruction for you.” Brenda turned back to face his desk, longing for him to turn around and look at her, yet aroused at his indifference. “Yes sir.” She stood in front of his desk, waiting patiently; feeling the wetness between her legs and getting turned on knowing it was part of him there too.

It was several minutes before he turned to face her, “I want you to go directly to your desk and wait 30 minutes. When the time has elapsed, you will go to the women’s bathroom and occupy one of the stalls. You will sit and remove your panties, and then you may enjoy my emission.

The way he said it, so medical, so unattached. It infuriated her, but she knew she would do as he ordered. It pissed her off.

“You may leave now, Ms. Summers.”

Brenda sat at her desk; stacks of paperwork on either side of a computer monitor occupied her small office world. The flickering image of a car accident graphic she was designing, stared back at her from the monitor. Office conversations all around her heralded the beginning of the lunch hour. She glanced at her watch as she drummed a pen against the desk, “Time to go.”

The walk down the hallway echoed her steps on the green marble floor tile. This hallway would be filled with employees at any moment, all of them rushing to get to the elevators in time for the lunch hour melee on the city streets below. Brenda walked casually into the women’s bathroom and took the last stall. She sat for a moment, listening to the hushed whispers of two women and their idle gossip. She really didn’t care about inter office dramas, but if there was something good to hear, all the better. Brenda stared at the stall walls for a moment before standing and reaching under her dark skirt to remove her panties.

She sat down, her crumpled panties in hand… looking at her watch. “I was two minutes early in leaving my desk.” Deciding it wasn’t important, she opened up the panties and held them close to her face. She inhaled the silk garment deeply, smelling the combined sex juices. It turned her on, as she tasted his cum in her panties, knowing his cum was all over her pussy aroused her even more. His sweet taste was defined. She knew her own taste, and this was different. She felt humiliated as well, she had given herself to him in more than just one way; was she a submissive she wondered. All that did matter was the fact that she felt primal as she tasted the last of her employer’s cum from her panties.

Brenda enjoyed her treat anyway, and caught herself moaning in pleasure. Horrified, she listened intently to possible traffic outside of the stall… no one there yet. She glanced at her watch again, “Three… two… one.” No sooner thought and done, the bathroom filled with users. It was time for her to go.

People rushed past her to the elevators, all coming and going to run errands and stuff some sort of lunch down their throats during their allotted time. Brenda grinned as she sauntered back to her desk; the feeling between her legs was incredible. Her dirty little secret that no one else could have guessed made her feel vaguely superior. She sighed in contentment as she plopped herself down at her desk, and stared at the computer screen. A moment to thoughtfully rub her chin as she examined the screen, gave her the re-design approach she was looking for in this traffic litigation perspective layout. Brenda grinned at her personal epiphany and rewarded herself by grabbing another new pencil out of the collection of pencils in the jar by her computer. The point was nice and sharp. She leaned back and took careful aim; casting her arm forward with one quick motion, the pencil sailed out and up, striking its target… a sound proof ceiling tile.

Brenda smiled approvingly at the collected pencils sticking out of the bottom of the ceiling tile, looking like some surreal prickly pear cactus leaf. She grabbed another pencil, readying herself for another pitch, but stopped. Looking at the pencil seemed to remind her of something, she pondered for a moment as it occurred to her. Instead she used it to jot down a reminder: ‘Note to self… Mr. Linley coming over to house tonight. Remember to get out the riding crop.’

She stuffed the note in her purse as she grabbed and apple out of her desk drawer, and set to work again. “He can rule the manor here in the office, all he wants. But at night… he’s my bitch.”

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