Ok, I'll STart with the music - lol  

rm_pjbassguy 65M
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7/9/2006 11:12 am
Ok, I'll STart with the music - lol

Been working hard this past week on my original tunes, putting things down in my small studio and hopping that a song or 2 turns out good enough to use. I'm having a writters block right now - not sure how to get out of the funk! Not saying I don't have some good ideas, it just seems like the words are not coming out to good - almost like I am lacking in inspiration or maybe I am just trying a bit to hard.

ALso trying to put together a good promo pack to get out to some locations to hopefully get some more gigs... Oh well - life is still good and the sun is out...

GOnna Nordic trac for a few minutes and then back to writting I guess....

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