A Little Background and Reflection...  

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12/7/2005 10:18 pm

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A Little Background and Reflection...

After fighting the urge to blog for a few months, I finally gave in and started with... a rant!

You see, after writing thousands of emails and several page of web copy every day, I simply didn't want to undertake a project that would require any more dedication to a keyboard and screen. It appears that all it took to to get me started was a little frustration. I apologize to any poor soul who actually finished reading my first post, which I should probably have kept to myself.

As it turns out, the cure for my frustration came not from writing a rant, but from an unexpected offer that played out just yesterday. After a few weeks of negotiating, I finalized an offer that will allow me to pursue a dream that I've had for almost twelve years! It involves nary a computer or a desk, not even an office... or a client, for that matter. The thrill of physical training, intense competition, and the allure of a world championship will now be a reality. No bosses and board rooms, only wide open space. And I do mean wide!

Tomorrow evening I'm off to Arizona for training. I hope I can make it through the six inches of snow that's forecasted here to make my flight! I'll be back next week!

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