beginnings . . . .  

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8/3/2005 6:03 pm

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beginnings . . . .

The three bikers sat in a booth mean drunk, eyein' the place for someone to pound on, just for grins. A frail old dude staggered over to the biggest of the three -- friends called him Bitch, everybody else called him Sir -- six feet seven, two-eighty, tattooed arms like trees, shaved head, nose ring, all the tough guy shit.

"Hey, boy," little dude said. "I fucked yer mama, and she liked it."

Bitch's biker friends could barely hide the surprise in their furrowed, too-many-Kools-a-day wrinkled-up scowls and brushy, thin facial hair. One said, "Easy, Bitch, hey don't bust him up . . . just a drunk old man. Best git outta' here, dude, he's pissed tonight."

Old man chuckled and waved a hand, wouldn't give it up. "Woooo-ee -- gotta fine ass, yer mama, suck dick good too -- hehe."

"Dude . . . man, you're askin' for it."

". . an' since ya'll are still here, boy, think I'll jus' slip on over an' do her again."

Bitch grabbed old dude by the shoulders.

"Dad, you're drunk, man. Go home."

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