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3/12/2006 5:23 am
this weekend


Go to Womb with my good friend Maniac Love. He introduces me to his friend T, whom he's been dying to set me up with. T is tall and pasty - the kind of nerdy guy I went for in high school. Just as T and I start to get into it, I begin feeling sick from alcohol. I go home early (well, at 5 am instead of 7) and have a terrific conversation with a taxicab driver.

Wake up at 10, feel weak. Fall down the stairs and strike my cheek against a wall while composing an email to Maniac Love.

Meet someone from this site at 3 pm. We hang out at a cafe and have really quick sex. Find out he has a girlfriend.

Arrive late to a Japanese lesson at 430 pm.

Meet Maniac Love and some other friends at a house party in Roppongi 1-chome at 730. T is there. I try to avoid his advances. Maniac Love looks disappointed. I find that I am incredibly attracted to the host of the party, who I've never met.

Go karaokeing in Roppongi at 11. Still really into the host, but feeling uneasy because I have a job due at 12 am the next day.


Run out to catch the last train at 1215. Fail.

Rejoin Maniac Love and his pals. Make amends with T. He takes rejection well, we sing an OutKast song together.

Dance like mad. Dance dance dance dance dance.


Have an enormous meal of sunny side up eggs and toast at Jonathans at 7 am. Fall asleep while Maniac Love and Kaori are talking about the names of Chinese emperors.

Hole up in an internet cafe for four hours, between 7.30 and 11.30. Translate 3 magazine articles.

Teach English from 11.30 to 1.30.

Eat Kentucky Fried Chicken and go to sleep at 2.

Wake up at 5. Realize I was supposed to meet someone. Feel weak and cancel.

At 630, drag myself all the way to Nakameguro to view an apartment.


Wondering if I should go through with a somewhat risky business idea. (Hint - C

I can tell there is demand for what I want to do, but I have a feeling I'll be meeting a whole lot of weirdoes.

Oh well. I'll sleep on it.

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