past performance is no indication of future results  

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3/3/2006 7:22 am

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past performance is no indication of future results

I'm burnt out.

If I were to liken my heart to something, it would probably be roadkill. Maybe a dead muskrat.

I think my standards are too high. I think my abs need some working on.

I'm burnt out, and yet I like flirting with the guys in my law class.

There's this really cute black guy who sits in the front row who didn't say a word to me until today. I could tell he liked me!

He's nice, smart, and cute, and has fantastic black plastic glasses. I like buff black guys with glasses.

He's going to the Philippines in a couple weeks, and so I gave him some advice during the break.

Sadly, I'm not very good at continuing discussions outside of class. I also got a phone call from my mother, so I had to leave early.

Sometimes I feel like such an old woman. I sit in front of my computer and do the same thing day in and day out. I don't get enough sun.

I only realize I'm still young and pretty when I go to class and find that people are checking me out.

A funny thing happens when you haven't had sex in five months - you get even more picky than you were originally.

It's because not having sex makes you a little crazy.

You want it to mean something. You want something absolutely out of the ordinary to put a definitive end to your dry streak.

But the pickier you get, the longer you wait, and the further you get from reality.

Sometimes I think "I should just hire a professional to do this for me." Now I know why guys do it!

But I'm a girl. It ought to be easy. The thing is, finding good sex is never really easy.


Time to go snowboarding!

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