You know what, I have more to say!  

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11/13/2005 9:29 am

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You know what, I have more to say!

Well, that last one just isn't enough, so now, here comes part 2 (evil laugh).

Let's talk about sex. (Woohoo!!) Ok, two people (or more, depending on your thing) get together, plug tab A into slot B, and little baby C comes out. Now little baby C grows up with two parents, A & B, who liked sex to start, but now not with each other. Mom -B-, is addicted to black dick (hubby's 4 incher wasn't good enough, cause he never lasted more than a few seconds), while daddy is banging his secretary (god, my wife hasn't turned me on in years. She won't even give me a blowjob, but she loved doing it at the beginning.) So the parents relationship is pretty hosed, and they eventually divorce, because both of them are into their lifestyles, without giving two cares for the kid, with the exception of the child support & which parent has to burden themselves with the kid.

So, C beginning the teen years, is shuffled off from one parent to the other. Mom's got weekly parties (uh, huh, you guessed it) which so happen on C's visiting days. So on the kid's weekend, C gets to hear one (or more) guys having sex with mom. Grunting, groaning away. Now, this would be a bad thing, unequaled, except dad's bringing home the secretary every night, and banging her. And last week, dad got a new secretary, to add to the old one, because dad somehow convinced his bosses that his business load required additional help (smooth talking bastard). So now dad's got two women. Mom, on C's last visit, asked how dad was doing, so C told her. This visit, she sent C out for pizza and a movie while she had a large party (with her and a friend as center attraction).

So C spent 3 hours away watching a movie C had been wanting to see. After having pizza, and chilling at the park for a few, C heads back to mom's, thinking the party should be over now.

It's not. So what does C do?

Take a walk.
Call a cab, and go home to dad.
Go somewhere and chill.
Try to sneak in the house and hope no one notices.

Well, later on in the teenage years, C develops a semi-unhealthy attitude towards sex. Sex becomes a thing, that's all. Something to be done for pure enjoyment, and that's it. No special romance, no special pleasure, or feeling of love.

So C runs through as many members of the opposite sex as C can, until the inevitable comes when C has a baby (E) with D. Well, C & D were into each other to start, but eventually grew apart. So E was shuffled from parent to parent, with the only care is who pays child support.

The moral or the story. It's a vicious cycle, that will continue on, until either the cycle is ended through enlightened thought, or death.

Take your pick.

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