Why do I bother?  

rm_phoundrx7 39M
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7/6/2006 7:00 pm

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7/6/2006 9:40 pm

Why do I bother?

Well, today was the first day of the old/new me at work. Smiling, happiness, and anything personal are left at the door. All that is left is professionalism. I am there to do a job, properly and effectively. And that is what I'll do. So much for trying to enjoy my job.

Fucking mouths! Why can't people shut the fuck up, mind their own business, and keep their noses out of what doesn't concern them? That's right, too many people are vacant, and have nothing better to do that to worry about what other's are doing. No wonder the world is going to shit. With a large amount of people only concerned for themselves, and not for the bigger picture, is it any wonder we're close to repeating the worst chapter in human history?

Anyway. Going to get a bunch of stuff done tomorrow. Hopefully have my new hose here by next week. Check the plugs on the jag.

BTW, how can you tell if the plug is getting juice? Some things, mechanically speaking, I don't know, and could use an insight or two. Thanks.

Oh, and another thing. Stupid people beware. One day, when we have gotten cloning down right, we're going to clone all the best grunts, that way, we can make sure all the stupid people stop breeding.

Evil thought I know, but since nature isn't allowed to exercise population control upon us, someone has to.

May the dark side be with you.

rm_phoundrx7 39M
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7/6/2006 9:40 pm

Man, sounds like an electrocution if I do it right. lol

Appreciate the input.

abitcrazy4sex 45M
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7/6/2006 7:52 pm

nice well deserved spewing of the mind , everyone needs that from time to time . always check if the plug is getting juice by holding the plug removed from the block (with wire still attached) and hold it 2" to the manifold or block or any other primarily steel engine component the wire will reach and have someone crank the motor make sure you wear gloves and/or use insulated channel locks or pliers.

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