What the flock, pt. 2?  

rm_phoundrx7 39M
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7/26/2006 3:30 am
What the flock, pt. 2?

As a side note, Green Day.

American Idiot had to be the perfect statement for the hypocracy that exists within Hollywood.

I think what annoys me the most about a number of these Hollywood people is that they have forgotten where they came from, and what they used to be, before they were famous.

That's why we see many of these people as arrogant & conceited. When we see people who used to work menial jobs (which most did), now that they are famous and have money, they act like the social conscience of the world.

Like I said in the last piece, just because you have more money than most, doesn't mean a thing.

I came up with the thought that the more money you have, unless you keep yourself grounded, just amplifies your personality.

If you were a total asshole or bitch (J. Lo. anyone?), it will just make you a bigger version. If you were conceited and uppity, will become even more so.

Because I work in a menial job, whenever I've met people of upper standing, a few of them get this "nose in the air" attitude towards you, like you are beneath them.

Smugness. Like they have their heads so firmly implanted in their asses they can't pull it out to see the finer points of life and existence.

Just another thought by me, the prick that keeps fucking the pussies and assholes of the world, trying to get them to stop making such a mess.

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