What is boils down to - liberals  

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4/20/2006 4:54 pm

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What is boils down to - liberals

This is a series of opinions. After this, I will cover the conservatives, and then the opportunists.

Some are spoiled children who believe that everything can be good and wholesome, because they have led a sheltered life, where everything has been given to them, so they do not know what hardship is (though they pretend to), difficulty, adversity, and even reality.

Some are people of great minds, and high ideals. However, they are not connected to reality. The old saying of looking at life through rose coloroed glasses rings true here.

All they know is what they've been fed, so they eat it up as fast, and as much as they can, without checking to see what they're eating. Typically, bullshit.

And they do so until they've become so full of shit, their heads so bloated, that to try and let any out would cause their version of reality to explode. So, unless you actually teach these kids that liberalism, in small doses is alright, Taken consistently can lead to severe diarrhea of the mouth.

Which explains why a liberal will hold onto their arguments, no matter how horribly thought out, how illogical, or how ill-conceived.

And when you point out their reality is as leaky as (insert analogy here), then they become angry, they become violent at times, but they almost always become belegerant, being vulgar, offensive, and trying to throw you off your guard. Simply because they aren't capable of opening their minds, seeing the light, and understanding.

Change with them is hard, but not impossible. Depends on how indoctrinated they are, how unwilling they are for change, and if they have any possibility of open-mindedness.

However, as I said before: liberalism in small doses is acceptable. Their idealism is handy at times, and they are a good reminder, on both the positive and the negative, of what needs to be done with humanity.

I will continue to expand on this one. Until later, enjoy.

rm_phoundrx7 39M
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4/20/2006 8:10 pm

I had a huge thing typed up for you cor, but it got deleted. Shit!

Hopefully, if I can remember it, it'll be in a blog entry soon (or may be so in the past).

Either way, before you pass judgement on what I plan on writing for the conservative side, wait till I write it please. I hit both sides equally. There is little favoritism in my book.

rm_corezon 53F
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4/20/2006 6:36 pm

Hmmmmm....I live in bible belt country so I know plenty of
and I'm pretty damn good at arguing ANY point I have a mind to BUT

frankly, I hate to bust you on this one, but the arguments of the conservatives have more often been the ones with the lack of logical reasoning capacity and the ones most likely to fall back on character attack when all else fails (which I have seen it do miserably, time and time again)

plus conservative and liberal biases may be economic or social and can do quite a bit of overlap...and the definition changes depending on where you are in the country and the world...sometimes we are doing more playing with semantics and misunderstanding one another simply because of the APPEARANCE of what we chalk up to as "conservative" and "liberal" and do our damnedest to fit people in one category or another with all our prejudices attributed to them accordingly

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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4/20/2006 6:27 pm

hmmmmm ....
so next i suppose yer gonna tell me ted kennedy cant feel the poor people's pain? ...... or, m j k's pain ..... oops, better not go there.

all has been pretty much our conclusions for years ... altho i think very FEW change

I admire the straight forward way u laid out your reasons .. .well done.... you have them pegged on the money .. point bi point.

Will be back to see your take on others.

Considered adding some poli type stuff to our silly sexy squirter / mfm blog .... have some heavy subjects tucked away out of site there .. and some heavy comments scattered around ... you may be inspiring me to go further .. .as my feelings are very stong and solidly based on simple observation and logic. ... something that the other guys cant say .....

damn, worse part is ... they are so illogical and hatefull, that they actually kill many of the good things they only try to represent.


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