Well, change of plans.  

rm_phoundrx7 39M
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5/11/2006 4:17 pm
Well, change of plans.

I didn't go to sleep as planned, however, I have a headache that I wish would go away.

I need to get off this thing and clean house. Been playing poker again (I can turn it off at any time man, I swear!!). Played some tug of war with cyclops. Definitely felt good.

So, I thought about doing the ode to conservatism today or tomorrow, since it is long overdue. I should remember to get this stuff done. But I haven't been having any fun as of late, so my mind feels clouded and unfocused. More to come on that.

Anyway. Two of my favorite objects of lust came into the store yesterday. Gorgeous little creatures. One was so tiny I wanted to pick her up and take her home with me.

So, two midgets came up, and kicked me in the shin. So I kicked them back, but then they sprouted wings and flew away. Messed me up because they just had Red Bull cans in their hands. So, I grabbed a Red Balls, thinking it was the same. Unfortunately, it wasn't. My balls got large and inflamed, then my dick grew to 15 inches, and I started spurting cum everywhere.

Problem was I was in front of the women's volleyball team. Many looked on in horror, others were aghst, but most ran for cover. Each shot was like a bullet. I took this one girl out. Hit her so hard she shot back thirty feet.

All of a sudden, they started getting on the ground, and spread their legs, so I took the invitation for target practice.

Hit a couple bullseyes, but keep getting rear entry.

But a few weeks later, when a couple of them showed up pregnant, I helped them out it every way. Unfortunately, my dick never shrank, so I could never fuck them, I just had to be content with target shooting.

Although, I did find this one girl that could take it. She was the Guiness Book record holder for heighth. Ugly woman, but because I figured I had the best shot with her, I had to give it a try.

So I gave her a ring, and she was intrigued with my plan. So we met, we fucked. Just because a woman is tall, doesn't mean she can accomodate a big dick. Didn't hit bottom, but I was too thick for her.

Oh well.

Then I grabbed a chicken, filleted his ass, and ate butt steaks.

Until later, enjoy.

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