Well, I am spanking it  

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2/14/2006 7:34 am

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Well, I am spanking it

Right now (well, beforehand, since I use two hands to type) I am stroking my dick. It is a majestic penis, with a large, oversensitive head (if I cum, don't touch it or I might pass out, at least it feels like I would), and a thick, veiny shaft. I need to learn how to keep things better trimmed though; damn hair is everywhere down there.

My friends, all of whom have women, children, and family, seem to idolize my position in life.

I have no kids, no girlfriend (not even a fuck buddy), no real bills except that damn car & a cell phone, no major resposibilities, and a semi-carefree life. They always tell me to take advantage of it as best I can, and as long as I can.

And all they have to do to prove this is tell me the stories of their lives, and how much fun it is. They love their kids, but they wished they had waited longer so they could've done more beforehand. Because, it their words, having children does stall, if not cancel, all of the plans they made for the future.

So, if you can, get your life together, find a worthwhile mate, set yourself up financially, and plan for the future correctly.

Oh yeah, I haven't cum yet from stroking.

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