Uh, yeah.  

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2/15/2006 9:46 am

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Uh, yeah.

President's Day is coming up. Apparently, that's a white history moment. I always thought it was a history rememberance, but that's just me.

Besides, here's a few thoughts on that:

1. Why do the former Presidents of this country get only one day of rememberance (and most don't remember, but they certainly are glad to have that three day weekend.)? Granted, there have been some truly crappy Presidents (Clinton usually jumps to mind, followed by Carter, Nixon, Johnson, and a few others that escape me), but these men shaped this country, and indeed the world, and yet we only get one day to remember all 43 presidents, and an entire month to remember various black people for their contributions to society, real or otherwise. That's a load to me.

2. Do all those liberal studies classes, like African American history and whatnot, actually teach you something, or does it just fill your head with useless nonsense? Especially since most people whine about the relevance of history, yet there are people who want to go to this class? The sad state is that, who usually teaches this class? A crusty old white dude (in other words, a guilty white liberal who), right? That's funny to me, on many different fronts.

3. Are black people the only people that can work with black people? This is one that really ruffles my feathers. Think about it, in the NFL right now, you've got a bunch of ambulance chasers breathing down the necks of NFL officials because there aren't enough black executives, whether it be coach, GM, or owner. Their argument, "Three quarters of the players are black, so we should have more representation of blacks at all levels." So, according to these people, 75% of the owners should be black, as well as coaches, GMs, etc. So, basically, we should get rid of all the white people so the NFL can be a race-friendly (in their eyes) league. Care to see how that would work?

"Andy Reid, you just took our team to a Super Bowl the other year. You've had a great run, but it is our feeling that, since there are so many black people in our league, that we need to replace you with a black person. No offense, we think you are a great coach, but we need someone who represents the players better, and black people respond to other black people better than they do a white person." (Imagine a workplace where they did this to someone of non-white origin. Can you say that business won't be bankrupt by the time the lawsuit is over?)

"Bill Cowher, you just won us a Super Bowl, and we thank you for it, but since we didn't have the Rooney Rule at the time of your hire, and we need to be more appealing and appeasing to the black community, that we need you to re-interview for your job. Now, it's pretty certain that we'll retain you, but if we find someone black who fits the bill for us, we'll have to let you go. Sorry." (imagine that, taking a highly successful, highly qualified person, and replacing them with someone that is unproven, untested, and unqualified, but at least he's black, and not white.)

Anyone else see a problem here? Imagine if they did this in the working world: taking all of the management in every single business, and replacing them with a cross section of their worker makeup, which may not know how to do the job. Either that or lowering the standards by which we judge others to be more inclusive. (So, what do you do when the owner/manager is white, and the employees happen to be latino? Tell the owner that he has to sell his business to a latino. That'll happen.)

That, and I don't hear any other ethnic group clamoring for a non-white team executive. I'm pretty sure there are latinos in the NFL, just like there are oriental people in there, Samoans, etc. Yet, the only group they make a huge deal about is blacks. Why?

I got news for all you media pundits, politicians, celebrities, and other sad sacks in this country that assign so much importantce to the color of someone's skin: you people are a part of the problem, not the solution. Quit being a part of the problem, and start being a part of the solution. Either that or castrate yourself so you don't raise more ignorant & stupid people like yourself. Because when we stop caring about color and start caring about the quality of the person, then we will eliminate this problem. Reverse discrimination will not solve the problem, it will only make it worse. Especially when the day comes when the roles are reversed, and the blacks are in the majority. You think they're going to be fair, these black "leaders", when they're in power, or do you think they'll want to get even with whitey?

Given the current climate, and the way things are going, it's a safe bet to pick the latter.

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