Two sides of the same coin  

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1/31/2006 1:15 am

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Two sides of the same coin

It's funny, but I am two different people (I'm probably more, but I'll keep it at two for cost savings) rolled into one. I am the quiet, sensitive, nice guy, yet I can be the loud, arrogant, dick.

What strikes me as curious is when I sit down behind this keyboard, my thoughts tend to flow out of my head like a river. I can keep going, and going, and going, until the thought runs out, and sometimes I'll switch to a new thought in midstream, come back at that thought maybe an hour, sometimes longer. That's how it works with me. I've written in an earlier post that I can keep doing this. Why do you think some of my blog entries tend to be disjointed, or cut short at points. It's because once that thought stops, I move on to the next one, so it's a continuous flow of ideas. Sometimes I wish I had a secretary to write all the thoughts that come out, because I could keep her busy for a year alone with the philosophy side of things (wish I had the money to pay her, but I don't have that kind of cash right now, and dick doesn't pay the bills (not this one anyway)) .

However, do I really need to do a joke about secretaries and dictation?

Anyway, back to the whole purpose of this.

My problem tends to be that I am very quiet in most situations in the world. I was raised on the addage that children are to be seen, not heard. So if you have something meaningful to say, that's when you say it. So, as a result, I've never been a big small talker.

However, I'm sure a number of people would say, "well, why not just say these thoughts, or others out loud, and talk about them."

Probably could, but I'm pretty sure the company I keep can't handle many of these topics, but I could be wrong.

Like the universe. Came up with the creation & destruction of the universe, and only one person wanted to hear it. Sad people, very sad.

I bet you've never heard of Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking have you?

If I spelled any names wrong. My bad.

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