The midgets are restless - pt. whatever.  

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10/8/2005 2:48 pm

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The midgets are restless - pt. whatever.

My midgets are wise. They are knowledgeable in the ways of Bung-Hu. Their Bung powers are strong, for when they are fully charged, they grow wings, fly around the room, and start pissing on stuff. It ain't pretty.

On bright sunny days, they practice their styles. Fhgjkhu bounces on her knees across the yard, skipping after the frisbee. Yoiunfnb fetches the paper with her mouth as the paperboy threw it, but she was killed when she fell in the alligator pit. You should have heard the screams. Made my hemroids flare. Sjhkjhv & Duhtguhg couldn't save her. But after I gave them their treats, they settled down. They love daddy's salty milk. And they can get so much too.

But I play with my midgets constantly. Sometimes it wears me out fast, but I remember there are more midgets than there are me. So I am reassured. Bung-Hu rules, more later.

How do your midgets feel?

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