The farce of February  

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2/15/2006 3:08 am

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The farce of February

Folks, this is black history month. You know how I know, besides the 50 million references to blacks, or the other, more disrespectful term, "African American" throughout the media?

I know because this is the most vile, and the absolute epitome, of double standards when it comes to this month, and every other appeasement month that occurs.

Let's see:

Latino month is September. I really don't have much to say, except you guys are part of the reason why marijuana is illegal. If it hadn't been for the Depression, all the out of work people of this country, and all the latins who were associated with weed (yes, it was a small percentage, but when does that stop people from using an entire group as a scapegoat), we probably would be able to smoke weed. But then again, they would've found another excuse to illegalize it. Please though, whatever you do, don't honor J.Lo. It's bad enough we had Madonna (the self styled whore of the 80's & early 90's that everyone seems to forget anymore), do you really feel proud of the latin version?

Women's month is March. I love this quote on one website: White women came out of their domestic ... enslavement of others. Enslavement, huh? As opposed to going out, getting a job, leaving the kids with Mr. TV, the babysitter, or sending them to day care. Allowing the kids to become undisciplined brats (or demon seeds) because both parents, not one, care more about the outside details of the family, rather than the internals. Thousands of years of the same role, with most children becoming useful and halfway worthwhile people. Then to have it reversed over the last hundred years, and look what we've gotten: abortion, teen pregnancy (children, who can't take care of themselves, having children, smart) constant school shootings, children who have nothing to believe in, so they take up causes, no matter if it's right or wrong, higher suicide rates, crime, advanced poverty, drug epidemics, the proliferation of AIDS and other STD's. It has bred inept people, who lack even the common sense to know that life isn't handed to them, and they have to work for it. Yes I do favor the traditional role of mother raising the kids, and dad making the money to build a better household. It worked for thousands of years, and the results of the current mindset of feminism and its agenda not breeding anything but contempt, it is hard for me to sit here and praise those responsible. Especially when they call men oppressors and , tell fellow women that they are better than men, and you should act as such, keep telling you how another woman can satisfy you better than a man (sorry ladies, Mr. Strap-On just isn't the same as a quality lover and yes, they are out there, but when women say they want Mr. Nice Guy, and then go for the bad boy time after time, it doesn't give us much hope for you either. After all, if you did want the nice guy, and not the asshole, why continue to make that selection unless you are a dishonest person, or someone who can't face reality about yourself. All you have to do to cure Mr. Asshole of being an asshole, is to tell him to fuck off, and not take him back, instead of letting him beat the shit out of you, and then saying he "loves you" ) , and I don't care how you try to explain that one away. And you wonder why many men have lost respect for women, or have turned homosexual. Chivalry is dead, and modern feminism killed it. Congratulations, it's what you wanted. And it wasn't the equal rights struggle that killed it, it was the militant feminist who couldn't leave well enough alone. It was the man-hating, venom spewing alpha female who, at some point in her life, had a man, or was told a man would fuck them over in life, and couldn't get over that.

And those are just two examples of hypocracy. There are many more, especially since there is no white history month to go along with all the other groups.

Why do we need a white history month, for the same reasons we need all the other months, to make everyone FEEL SPECIAL. After all, if you spout equality, shouldn't white people be included, instead of excluded. And I know what you're thinking, every month is white history month. Really? Since when? I don't remember any of my history classes talking about white history, just history. If they tried that, the special interests would hang that (or those) teacher up by the flagpole. Like I've said before, it is ok to rag on the white people, because we're the only group that can be made fun of by everyone (because that's some funny stuff there), yet we can't make fun of anyone else but ourselves, or we're called racist. Aren't double standards a bitch, or is it just the fact I'm pointing it out to you.

How's this for an idea? If all of us stopped caring about what color someone is, or what religion someone is, and treat people as individuals, giving them respect when they earn it, and a cold shoulder when they screw you over, we won't need quotas, affirmative action, or any of this other b.s. We might actually achieve what all the guilty white liberals, and their special interest cohorts want, a society that doesn't give a rat's ass what your skin is. Instead, they choose to use reverse discrimination, belittling anyone in the majority (which is always classified as white, yet no one has ever seen a box labeled White majority on any form, just white. ) , and making as many excuses as they can for the reasons they fail, rather than looking for success.

So, to all you people that care more about your skin color than what's underneath, I got news for you: white people, for the most part, got over that shit a long time ago, it's time for you to do the same.

Because I'm a citizen of the United States of America (I am not a European American, a Swedish American, or a Scandanavian American), and you are too. Get over yourself, and start worrying about the important things, instead of stupid shit like this.

Just for the record, yes I have been discriminated again by other white people for my appearance (my complexion specifically). You know what I did?

I went and looked for another job when I didn't get that one. I didn't play cry me a river, I didn't go grab an ambulance chaser, and I sure as hell didn't go into white man hating mode. I got over it, and moved on.

I'll probably have more later. Time for sleep. Later people. And enjoy.

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2/15/2006 4:13 am

Ummmm we do have President's Day coming.......

Purry {=}


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