The end of the rope  

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2/25/2006 8:02 pm

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The end of the rope

My patience with many things is coming close to an end.

My opinion of work at this point is strained at best, prooven right in all the wrong ways would, however, be more precise.

It's nice to know that a mistake I made when I was 17 will continuously come back to haunt me. Which takes me to another point.

I laugh when I see women, who, in their profiles, tell us about how they've never had a positive experience with men, this and that.

Guess what, I haven't had one positive experience with a female yet (from a relationship standpoint). From the one who was so controlling she claimed to have a miscarriage just so she could manipulate me into coming home from a vacation, to another who proposed on the first night after sex, to the second to last who wished she had died with her child in the auto accident she had a year or two prior to meeting her.

Many have been head cases: looking for someone to take care of all of their problems. Being completely irrational, illogical, and a total psychotic hose-beast.

Too clingy: can't get free time or a second of peace. Must know where I'm at at all times. Can't leave me alone, or let me get away.

Too Dependent: incapable of thinking, making decisions for themselves. Need me there at all times. Incapable of fending for themselves when necessary.

People wonder why women have a harder time getting close to me. A lot of it has to do with trust. After knowing various females, family & non-family alike, many of them are too unstable, too illogical, and are completely two faced with who they are. (the most common example: saying you want Mr. Nice Guy, then going after the Bad Boy. I hate that shit, because it means you are a liar, disloyal, and completely dishonest about yourself.)

(moving on to disjointed thought #2)

When a woman screams sexual harassment, the man is automatically guilty, and summarily dismissed. A man claims sexual harassment, he's laughed at and ridiculed.

The same goes for . He's automatically guilty, yet if a man claimed by any gender, we look at him as inferior, and not really a man. We're supposed to enjoy . After all, we don't hear jokes about female in prison, but it's never-ending from the male side.

How about John Bobbitt, remember him? Remember all the jokes going on at the time? How many men didn't care too much for those jokes, raise your hands. We didn't like it for one reason alone: that is our dick ladies. No justification, not even (that is a mental & physical crime, can't cure one side without treating the other), should allow someone to have a reproductive organ cut off.

How many jokes would you ladies make if a woman, who had been cheating on her husband for the course of their marriage, been beating him with various objects, berating him as a man (all of which was supposedly done to Lorena) has a titty, or her clit cut off during her sleep? Not very many, huh? Would we be making jokes? Oh hell no. If we even tried, we'd be castrated by the feminist libs.

So, basically, what it boils down to, is there are two sets of rules: the ones that apply to men, and those that apply to women. Men get dicked in child support & custodies, we get fucked over on equality (no one ever defends us if we're discriminated against by a female), and we get screwed on the birth rights (just so you know, we did help you make that child. there was no turkey baster involved that night honey.).

Men live less years than women, we are involved with 95% (last time I saw the stat) of all occupational fatalities, we make up the vast majority of the high risk professions (women still don't go into active combat). We get blamed for all of society's ills (even though you women got alcohol banned, learned that it was the booze that allowed us to tolerate you, and are seemingly forgetting that little lesson). Our health care isn't nearly as good as yours (prostate cancer has a higher mortality rate than breast cancer, lacks initial symptoms (unlike breast cancer) yet receives almost no attention from the media, or anybody else in general, and has far less funding dedicated to it.

Sorry ladies, but I'd rather have a glass ceiling, that a glass coffin.

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3/5/2006 4:18 pm

Just so you know, the information sourced was dated Feb 26, 2006.

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3/5/2006 4:13 pm

Really, that is true. Just verified it. They are not allowed direct military combat, however they are placed in areas that the probability of combat could occur.

Remember the convoy that came under attack a while back that was manned by women, and the furor that ensued because they were put in a supposed combat situation?


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2/27/2006 9:42 am

like what?

Got examples, specifics?

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