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7/6/2006 9:20 pm
Quick Thinking

Was reminded of something while trying to go to sleep (too flippin' hot in my room right now).

I was reading a partial transcript of Ms. Jolie-Pitt's (which brings up another point I'll touch on in a moment) interview after the baby a week or so ago, and a comment she made stuck in my craw.

She said that she was going to have another kid, through adoption. When pressed further, she stated that there were going to be several determining factors in the selection process, one of which (and this is what pissed me off) was race.

Now, if you have read my blog, you know what I think of race, or ethnicity. But if you haven't, I'll reiterate: the whole fucking problem is the fact we consider the color of someone, or the religion, etc. to be of importance when judging, or describing someone. So, to break it down, when I look at someone, the first description that comes to mind is not: that black sob, or that italian mafia motherfucker. Want to know what descriptions usually come to mind: dildo, douche, asshole, waste of cum, rotten vaginal discharge, picture child for abortion. Nothing about their skin, national origin, or whatnot.

So, when I heard Jolie say that race was a determining factor for the next kid, I got really pissed. After all, this is a person that claims to be an open-minded, intelligent person that loves everyone, and cares not about the color of the skin, but the love in your heart, and she's choosing her next kid based on what race will fit in with the other bunch, since she's got a multi-ethnic, diversity rich family.

As I just said, to liberals such as her, race is stated as non-important, yet when you look at their actions, they obviously are. University admissions, school districts, voting districts, the make-up of the government and all levels of society (remember the thing with there not being enough black coaches in the NFL?).

According to these people, if you're non-white, you need their help to succeed in life (you can't do it without them seems to be the prevailing attitude), or you'll probably be a failure (to think welfare is a Democratically supported measure which does more to institutionalize, and keep the "minorities" from succeeding).

Yet, we actually buy their bullshit about how open-minded these people aren't, and ignore how closed-minded they really are. People like Jolie are the problem, not the solution.

And here's the best example of how retarded people are when it comes to thinking out something.

Warren Buffet has declared that he plans on donating 37 or 38 billion to the Bill Gates charity. Everybody went on a love spree, touting him as a great human being for this. One little caveat though: he's only donating a billion or so a year folks.

Economically speaking, he makes that much off of the interest on all his money to cover that. Hell, he could set up a fund that would transfer the payments, much like the lottery, and actually have more money coming out than going in (in essence, turning a profit for donating to charity) after the period is up. It'd be like me saying I'm donating a thousand to charity, but I'd only donate a hundred every year until that thousand is gone.

Now folks, still think this man is a saint, or a great P.R. guy? I've decided already, how about you?

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