Ode to Israel & the Middle East  

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7/25/2006 3:00 am

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Ode to Israel & the Middle East

Well, this is something I wanted to write about anyway, and for a great while, because someone needs to make sense, and stop portraying the Israelis as the evil ones, like the media continuously does.

So, without further adu.

The Israelis are locked into a bitter battle once again. The sad thing is, once again, they were forced into this lousy situation by the wisdom of the leaders of Hezbollah and Hamas, which, in all honesty, is controlled from Syria and Iran.

If that last paragraph doesn't state it clearly, maybe this will: I have no sympathy for anyone in the Middle East, expect for Israel.

These people have made, or rather, destroyed the bed they sleep in.

During the first Middle East war, Arab countries decided to bluff Israel, and promptly got spanked for it.

Realizing they couldn't win a face to face military strategy, they decided to play a combination of guerilla warfare and public relations tactics. It's worked, to a certain point, shifting the blame from their lack of intelligent leadership & public welfare consideration, to Israel's heavy-handed (and justified) retaliation.

The last 30 years, the Middle East has squandered their vast economic resources & might, choosing to fight their "enemy" with violence.

History shows that, when faced with an overwhelming force led by intelligent people that are willing to do what is necessary, the inferiorly equipped & led people is beaten down every time.

And that's what is happening here. The sad thing is, the People of Palestine & Lebanon are being used as middle men for the hatred of others, and the leaders of the two groups go along with it willingly, allowing their own people to suffer because of it.

We know they allow it, because every time the World tells them to handle the problems created by these terrorist groups, their populace & leaders immediately reply with, "we don't want civil war."

So, instead of dealing with a bad situation, and resolving it, they choose to let it go, and hope it gets better. It isn't, but you can't tell them that.

A couple mottos for ya:

A blind eye never solves anything, but a heavy hand will.

A problem being dealt with will always get worse before it gets better.

Now, part of the reason I have no sympathy stem from these reasons:

#1. During the 80's, there was constant news footage of the conflict between the Israaelis and the Palestinians. Most of this footage consisted of Palestinians of varying ages out there, throwing rocks, and other projectiles, at the well armed Israeli security forces. Now, how smart is this, to send out your youth, to do harm with stones, when the opposition has guns? Retarded would be the proper word I believe.

#2. During the 90's, the Palestinians had been handed many concessions by the Israelis saying, "we want to end this non-sense." So, instead of taking full advantage of this, they decided to continue the fight, and continue to get battered, rather than lay down their arms and live in peace. They failed to get over their own hatreds, when the conflict was attempting to be ended, and continue on in the defeatist mentality they had generated over recent history.

#3. When Irael recently began the pullback from Gaza and the West Bank, instead of hailing this as a great advance toward peace, the varying factions within the Palestinian ranks took up arms in even more vicious fighting, to try and claim credit for MAKING the Israelis pull out. Um, ok. A planned pullout, under the Road Map for Peace, being used by the benefactors as a reason to continue to fight in the name of greed for land and for a face uplifting manuever.

#4. They can't even get along with each other. We have seen this in Afghanistan. When a Muslim tribe becomes strong, they go after the weaker ones, and tells them to go along or die. When the strong tribe is defeated by a stronger one, they immediately align themselves, and do whatever they want. The problems in Iraq are another great example. Here's a perfect opportunity to come together for the greater good, and they're (the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds) fighting amongst themselves for a larger piece of the pie.

#5. They blame everyone but themselves. The most common thing they whine about is our presence in the Middle East. The military bases, the social ideals, the economic structure - they never quit whining about it all. Yet, who is responsible for these items: their own governments. Do they ever do anything to change the situation - hell no!! It's our fault. How about all the billions they get from us thanks to their huge oil reserves. Do they thank us? No again. They condemn us. Yet, that wealth is horded by a few ultra-powerful shieks, and very little ever reaches the lower eschalons of society. Are they willing to question those who do the hording? Nope, blame the Western nations.

#6. Freedom doesn't exist for anyone else but them. Remember the Muhammad drawing, and the results that came out of it: world-wide protests, suicide bombings, murders; all for a couple pictures stating a point of view that happens to resonate throughout the world. South Park did a perfect job of illustrating this in the episodes Cartoon Wars. Comedy Central blanked out the images of Muhammad, yet were willing to show Bush, Jesus, and a couple Americans crapping all over themselves and the American flag. The Arabs don't mind other symbols of other peoples being shit on, but try it with their's, they'll find you, and kill you. Makes great sense, doesn't it?

People of Islam wonder why Westerners fear their religion. It's because when things don't go your way, you whip out the guns and bombs and go in search of victims for your own hatreds, and then claim justification based on those same religious beliefs that preach tolerance and love, like any other religion on this planet.

We have religious zealots throughout the world. The difference: anytime a Christian bombs an abortion clinic, they are dealt with immediately, and are not allowed to hide behind their religion.

So, if you would actually take care of the problems within your own ranks, address the issues brought forth here, and bring the peace and tolerance that many other religions actually enforce, maybe we wouldn't fear you, and maybe we would show you the same love that you consistently ask for, yet are unwilling to reciprocate.

Just a thought.

rm_Erus_Amans 41M
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8/12/2006 6:41 am

Well verry well spoken. Although I was dissapointed that you didn't mention more on the religion. Hell I am one that belives strongly in the freedom to pratice whatever religion that you chose but, as far as the extreemists go, they are the biggest closed minded idiots in the world. I mean that was a great rant although you left out so much poential.

lostmydrinkagain 43F
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7/25/2006 11:24 am

wow, I'm trying to wrap my mind around all that you said, but my children are fighting, I need to go deal with my own ranks...

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