Ode to Conservatism (finally!)  

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5/16/2006 12:41 am
Ode to Conservatism (finally!)

This is part two, here's part 1 (it's a 2 parter):

What is boils down to - liberals & What it boils down to - liberals pt. 2

Now, it's been a while sine I wrote a thought documentation for liberalism, and although I could add more, that's not what this is about. Because conservatism has become a necessary criticism target.

There are times when the message does seem lost in the fog and haze of what conservatism is supposed to be about. It seems to be going in the opposite direction. Becoming something we don't want.

The NSA monitoring our commumications (since I put in those initials, I bet they'll be reading this, if they haven't bookmarked it already), does make me cringe. And it should everyone, because the fact they are announcing it, when we all know they've been doing it for years, should let you know just how deep it goes, and how entrenched it is.

Here's what'll happen: we'll get some hearings, some news stories for a month, maybe two. At some point, the "interest will wane" and pull the story, and we'll forget about it in another month, while the fervent ones will forget in a few months, and by then everyone else will tune them out.

It'll be forgotten, and they'll go even deeper. It worked the last time. Didn't improve things, but they got it. Anyone remember Carnivore? If you don't, go look it up.

So, the encroachment on our freedoms is coming from the very people who supposedly stand for government restriction.

In a way, the liberals (or Democrats, depending on your point of view) have a golden opportunity to take the mantle away from the conservatives and preach government restriction. Problem with that is it flies in the face of their point of view concerning government, since they love it so much, that they can't really do that.

So, we basically have the conservs & libs on the same road, with one leading the other down the same path, sometimes reluctantly, toward the same goal.

Now, it can go two ways:

They could be using the technology for our best interests, and be willing to give it up once the threat is gone. History tells us that isn't going to happen, whether you look at ancient or current.

Or it is going to be total control. The good people who follow the rules will have even more rules to follow, while the criminal element has free reign while the government allows it. Using fear, intimidation, and poverty as a weapon to force any changes necessary, or use whatever means to distract the people from what is really going on.

A good illustration: There is not one point in the year where there is a lull in sports entertainment. Too many varieties. Football takes up the longer period of time. Towards the middle of the season, basketball helps the baton, and takes it until May, while hockey gives it a bit of a nudge. Then around March, Baseball gives it a big push, and takes it until the early part of the football season. And with all the attention that sports have attached to it, does it seem so unlikely, my thought above?

So, essentially, the leaders of conservatism have taken the approach that to protect us, we must be watched over with new technology (that, btw, doesn't help much, because no one knows how to use it) and be protected from ourselves.

So, to say I am happy with conservatism, or at least the brand some of these people are presenting is not correct.

More like so thoroughly annoyed that I feel like grabbing a hold of it, and taking it back to the path it needs to be on.

It's time for the real people to be in charge, and lead conservitism down the path of light and truth.

More in a bit.

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