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4/6/2006 3:23 pm

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Now, on to other matters

Cynthia McKinney, a member of the House of Representatives committed an act that, if most of us had done, would be sitting in jail right now.

While walking into the building, without any ID, an officer asked her to stop three times, which she ignored. When the officer attempted to stop her, she punched him.

Her excuses included:

1. he inappropriately touched me.
2. racial profiling and discrimination.
3. they should know who I am.


1. Innapropriately touched? What'd guy do, try to grab your tit, your crotch, or ass when he tried to stop you? Uh, no. From all reports, it was her shoulder. So, bucket of pig crap here.

2. Racial profiling & discrimination. First off, why is it every time a person of non-white heritage has to deal with the cops, this is the first thing they scream, like it's going to get them off the hook for anything they've done? Secondly, the President, his staff, every member of Congress has to have I.D., especially after 9/11. Do you think you're special, and the rules don't apply to you? Obviously so.

3. Goes back to 2. If the Prez has to have I.D., and we all know he is, then what makes you so special?

She goes on every network that wanted her so she could rail against everybody she could (I really am starting to despise CNN, because they seem to be wanting to present her side only, and no one else's).

So, today, she goes in from of the House, and gives a "I'm trying to save my ass" apology, which is so transparent that you can't even argue about its sincerity. She's not apologizing for anything other than it becoming a big deal.

Top it all off, right before her apology speech, a member of her privately funded security detail (which apparently you can't have) assaulted a TV cameraman, and told the crew they'll be thrown in jail.

Is it any wonder why all the people that came to her support after this incident, have basically disavowed her. This is a huge nightmare, both for her and her Democratic collegues.

1. It shows that all the Democrats do is make excuses, rather than take responsibility (because when it first started, the voices of the Dems were united in excuse giving, hand-wringing, and blame-passing).

2. These people really are above the law. Any of us, if we punched a cop in our local towns, would be thrown in jail immediately. In the halls and on the steps of Capitol Hill, can anyone say instant imprisonment, for many years. And yet they're still deciding on whether to press charges, what a crock of shit. And the elite in this country wonder why average citizens look at them with so much contempt.

3. That the Dems are just as divided and disloyal as they say the Republicans are. When this first happened, many within the Dems saw what this could do to them, but they cast their initial support for one of their own. When the original news conference occurred to show her support, very few showed up. Many people started growing distant, disavowed her, and stayed as far away. When she made her "apology" and everyone was applauding, you could still see the hesitation in her fellow Dems, like they knew if this didn't take care of the problem, they were hosed. Like rats on a boat trying to save themselves.

Like I have said before. Liberals are a paradox. The ultimate examples of "do as I say, not as I do."

Do I need to say anything else (even though I probably could)?

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