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1/25/2006 10:02 am

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More Provocation

Many thoughts occur to me at any given moment.

I've said it before, my mind goes in 50 different directions at once, so it is hard to keep it on one track. But when I do, I am a dangerous human being.

Case in point:

I was thinking about the gender equality issue in this country. Now, we tend to think men have the upper hand in this country.

Boy oh boy, do I beg to differ.

When I look at who gets custody of the child in case of a divorce, almost always does it go to the woman, unless she has something REALLY fucked up about her. Believe me, I've met a number of women who should have never, I repeat NEVER had children (I have one bitch in mind, and I've talked about her before). Many children would be better off with their father. If I had stuck with my mother, I might have been better on different fronts, but I would've been more screwed on things than I am now. That and I wasn't used as a pawn in a war between my parents by my father, which, sorry women, you do seem to like to use that kid against us, and eventually turn the child against us. Which is part of the reason why I think child support should be a conditional item, not a mandatory one. If the child can't see the parent on a regular (at least twice a month) basis, if the child looks at the other parent as the enemy, or the other parent is neglectful, child support should be either suspended, revoked, or the child should be moved to the other parent.

Child support is ridiculous in it's own right. C'mon, it does not take 2000 a month to raise a child. The only way is if the private school is expensive as hell, of if the kid is a walking advertisement for the local hospital & doctors. It shouldn't cost more than a couple hundred bucks a month (food, clothes, and supplies). Any more than that, and you're looking at extravagence, and no child needs to be spoiled. Besides, if mommy isn't working (whether there is a child or not), guess what other word comes up: alimony. Woohoo!!!

Nothing would make me happier than to pay an outrageous sum of money (remember Rudy Guliani (I apologize to you New Yorkers if I spelled it wrong), he has to pay out many thousands (I think 30k) to his ex.) to not have a psychotic, greedy, money grubbing, publicity seeking, wretch of a woman that I should've never married in the first place living with me. And it's always men. Why, because most men would look at palimony as a kick to the ego. "I need money from my ex-wife to survive?" Women don't have a problem doing it to us, why should we have a problem doing it to them?

Because, in this country, women are still looked at as more necessary than men. In a way, they are right. How many women could a man impregnate in one day? Depending on his physical capabilities, and his food comsumption, he should be able to get in at least a dozen, probably two. Multiply that by 5 (give the man a couple days of rest) for your week, then by 52. Pretty high number, isn't it? S one man can do that damage to at least 3000-6000 women in a year (and that's a low figure). Multiply that by the average life span (after puberty), and you're talking the population of a very large city cumming from one guy over the course of his lifetime (because men can produce children until the day they die) .

So, looking at that, men are somewhat expendable in the eyes of a woman. But, since they get so flippin jealous of every woman that comes along and glances our way, you'd end up having a huge war between women over a few guys that were designated as breeders. That'd be funny.

Anyway, my thought has run it's course for the moment. Probably continue on here in a little bit.

Enjoy people.

Satyr48 67M
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1/25/2006 12:57 pm

For many years, the Gender-equity psychobabble-ists tried to make the case that boys and girls were the same, and that treating them differently was evil... Girls shouldn't be relegated to playing with dolls and tea sets, and boys shouldn't be ALLOWED to play with guns and play rough.
We had to feminize boys and train girls to want to be CEO's and Drill Sargents.
While female CEO's and Drill Sargents are terrific (and I'd LOVE to be able say "President Condallezza Rice"), we've found Nature rebelling against FORCING girls to "adjust".
And, at the same time, trying to feminize boys has created a generation of guys who don't know who the Hell they are, what their roles in Society are, and how to properly relate to women. Androgenous "Metrosexuals". Any wonder why women's refrain "There aren't any real men, anymore" is growing louder?

In the meantime, according to researcher and writer Christina Hoff Sommers, the overcompensation in the schools has radically "dumbed down" the boys. National averages show 17 y.o. boys reading at the level of 14 y.o. girls. While there are more men at the extremes of Society - more men in leadership positions, and more men in prison - women dominate the "average"... College enrollments and graduations show higher numbers for women in both categories.

Societally, we've made men unnecessary, insignificant, and superfluous... A joke...
Look on TV at all the commercials that portray the "husband" as an incompetent idiot that the "wife" has to save... by getting the better mortgage, or car, or soap, or phone system... What about those T-Shirts that were popular last year "Boys are stupid - throw rocks at them" et., et., etc... If the genders were reversed, there would be HELL to pay!!!
The emphasis on "Women and Children" in EVERY issue in this Country reinforces that. When have any of you heard of Government pass a law, or the media champion an issue, that doesn't reference "Women and Children"? Why not men?
Why should women even need men nowadays? They have Welfare, SSI, AFDC, WIC, Medicare, Medicade, HUD, CDF, NOW, NARAL, and a whole host of other alphabet-soup agencies to take care of them... Men? What men?

The more women are conditioned to think "I don't need a MAN in my life", the more men are going to be conditioned to think "The only thing women are good for is fucking"
It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy...
Men will act progressively less "manly"; forget how to genuinely love, honor, and respect women, and find more reasons to treat women like shit, and not learn how to be men, fathers, partners, and lovers... Women will rightly reject that new breed of rejects and find ways to survive on their own...

See where this is heading?????

We need to go back to admitting that men and women are different, little boys are different than little girls...
A short time ago one of the news mags - either Time or Newsweek - ran a COVER STORY with the headline "Boys and girls are different" or something to that effect, with the body of the article basically expressing great wonder and surprise over "new findings" that there may really BE a difference, after all!!!! Ooooooooooooo ...
That showed, like nothing else, how the so-called intellectuals running our media, schools, and government agencies, are so predisposed to the Gender Pimps' "template", that information that proves what we can all see, is a revelation to them... And these are the room-temperature IQ people running things and de-educating our kids...
According to them, we can't allow differences - differences would lead to accepting the concept of inequalities and that would lead to damaged self-esteem! We can't have that.. we have to have 100% equality of OUTCOME. How many times have you heard "We have to level the playing field"? And, since we can't elevate someone above and beyond their natural abilities, we have to dumb-down and hold down the acheivers! That's what we need... An equal distribution of Government mandated mediocrity!!!

Pleasing women in unbelievable ways for 45 years...
You could be next...

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